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10-2013 raffle prize!

This is “Gnarl” the raffle prize for October 2013.
He is a Hyena gargoyle, test painted in ” Spooky” (a color we use on the “Grimalkin” candlelamps)
He looks like cast iron; he’s black with fiery copper and gold trim. This is a pretty big gargoyle.
If you would like a chance to win Gnarl, send me an Email with your Windstone forum name, and real name and address with the words “October 2013 raffle” in the subject line. (If you leave out the month, year or the word “raffle” in the subject line, I won’t be able to find your entry by searching my email.)

My email is: reptangle (at) gmail (dot) com
I will draw a winner on Halloween.

By the way, Gnarl looks mean but, like all gargoyles, he is totally on your side. His job is to protect you from monsters.

6 thoughts on “10-2013 raffle prize!

  1. be sure to send your email to Melody directly at

  2. Wow! What are the odds? I just noticed the hyena gargoyle for the first time today on ebay and I really liked it. And now it is even better as the raffle prize! Thanks, Melody, I’m in

  3. Pretty cool! Good luck to those who enter! 😀

  4. Awesome October prize! Hope the winner gives him a cool shelf space. 😀

  5. Oh WOW!
    And I LOVE Gargoyles! I have several in my collection from other manufacturers AND just got a Windstone Small Panther Gargoyle (won fr eBay)! ‘Gnarl’ would look fantastic next to my ‘Snarl’ panther gargoyle!

    Very Halloween appropriate!
    BTW, did I mention that October is my favorite month (got married in early October) and Halloween is my Favorite Holiday – even over Christmas!

    Thanks, Melody!
    I’m sure ‘Gnarl’ will be a fantastic Halloween Treat for one lucky person! (hope it’s me!) :love:

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