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    wow, i love that male dragon!

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    yeah, the rock dragon is awesome! one day i’ll get one…maybe, wishful thinking. 😀

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    lucky! my husband would never get me another windstone only because he thinks i have too many dragons as it is…is there really such thing? 😆

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    yeah, feels good to be on the forum again, facebook has been driving me crazy, but it’s the only thing i have that’s easy to post things from a phone!

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    Besides family time and a whole lot of food, i got a 22g rifle and a new pair of snow boots. and a new pandora bracelet with a few new charms.

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    I’ll be working all weekend starting New Year’s Day 🙁 and my husband has what seems to be a tummy bug ….what a way to start out the new year for us! 🙄

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    wow, it’s been so long since i’ve been on here i forgot all about these cool little dragons! i managed to log back into it and grab a few eggs…no clue what to do with them! i don’t remember much!

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    it was tough between the black and the albino but then i looked at my albino plush dragon that i have and said to myself “yeah, that one”

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    You would? That’s awesome! First I gotta go digging through the mess that is my parent’s attic and find the big box they are all in. some are really old though (fair warning). I used to play with them all the time! so a few may be a bit beat up but i’ll def take some pics of them all to show you them. all shapes and sizes!

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    Hey there everyone! It’s been soooo long since I’ve been on this forum! I missed everyone here! My dumb desktop basically busted somehow last year and I finally got a new one. It was such a pain having to post things from my phone! But now that I have a desktop again, I’M BAAAACCCKKKK!!!! MWUHAHAHAHA! J/K
    😆 😆 😆

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    That’s an awesome collection! I have sooooo many toy dinosaurs from my child hood that are in the attic at my parents’ house that are just sitting there. I have a bunch of the jurassic park ones and other random ones as well. I was thinking about getting rid of them all. I have sooo many different types and sizes shoot, if you are interested i’d be more than happy to let ya take them!! just let me know! 😀

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    Alright, so I believe that for me, February can’t get here fast enough. I’m in need of a serious vacation and luckily for me opportunity has finally arrived!!

    To start the month off, I’ll be headed down to Florida for a 2wk vacation to see the grandparents and in-laws for the first half of the time we’re there, then off to disney’s animal kingdom for a few days which I can’t wait because I’ve never been there.

    Then I come back home for a few days then, February 18th I ship out to Phoenix, AZ with vip tickets to the red carpet world premiere of Blood Into Wine on the 19th, So anybody here from there? Maybe I’ll see ya!!

    Then…I come back home for a few weeks and on March 5th and 6th I get to see the guy who stars in the movie again, this time in concert, when he brings his side-band project to DC!!!!

    AHHHHHH!!!!! Talk about a rush! The only thing I’m not looking forward to are the darn flights….I hate flying, always have, always will. But, all of this is the only reason I’ve been in such a good mood lately. Sooooo….I’m happy!! 😀

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    I haven’t had a chance to see the movie yet…but I’m planning on getting around to it. can’t wait to see what the dragon comes out like.

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    congrats congrats congrats!!

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    Mine was awful. I was supposed to work all day new year’s eve, but I was suffering from a migraine attack that woke me out of bed around 4am and lasted all day/night. Sooo…unable to go into work, I spent most of the day in a dark bedroom, the other half in the bathroom vomiting. 😥

    The darn migraine never actually went away until about 2am on the first of the new year…..what a way to bring in the new year huh?

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Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 685 total)