• Peacock Mother Dragon For Sale

    Peacock Mother Dragon For Sale

    Peacock mother dragon for sale. She had a partially broken claw that was repaired on the front middle digit. Also has a chip on the right elbow.
    Posted: 03/23/2021 Expires: 04/22/2021
    Category: Dragons Price: $ 60.00
  • SOLD Old Rainbow Hatching Dragon

    SOLD Old Rainbow Hatching Dragon

    Doing that whole bit about taking stock at the end of the old year/start of the new. Found one of my old rainbow hatching dragons in storage and have decided to put her up for sale.
    Posted: 01/31/2021 Expires: 03/02/2021
    Category: Dragons Price: $ 40.00
  • SOLD White Mother Dragon

    SOLD White Mother Dragon

    White mother dragon in good condition. No major flaws, chips, cracks, or breaks. Normal shelf wear. Felt pad intact and tag still attached.
    Posted: 10/13/2020 Expires: 11/12/2020
    Category: Dragons Price: $ 130.00
  • SOLD Brown Male Ki-Rin

    SOLD Brown Male Ki-Rin

    Offering an original brown male Ki-Rin. He's in nice shape overall but does have some flaws. The golden horn shows some tarnish.
    Posted: 09/29/2020 Expires: 10/29/2020
    Category: Ki-Rins Price: $ 150.00