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      The April Windstone Raffle has been announced! Quoting the email here for anyone who didn’t get it:

      “This is a ‘rescue’ dragon from our studio. Painted in a gorgeous extra fancy copper patina.

      This starts with an iridescent copper base, enhanced with interference violet and a delicate teal patina. The combination makes for a strikingly vibrant set of scales on this unique dragon. Additionally, the position of his dichroic eye on one side does not match the other.

      This unique reptile is odd-eyed, but that won’t keep him from being an amazing addition to your collection! If you would like a chance to win this handsome dragon, send me an email to my NEW raffle email address: with April 2022 in the Subject line, and in the body of the email, your real name and address and your Windstone Editions registered website user name (i.e. the name you use in your forum posts like WindstoneFan309)

      The deadline for entering this raffle is 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time, May 1st, 2022 – Please send your email before that time! Late entries may not be considered. … One entry per person. …”



      Ellisha Nelson

        This is so exciting! He is very unique.

        Ellisha Nelson

        Laura Ambrelye1120

          Email sent! Can hardly wait to see who wins!

          Wishlist: PYO statues, any of the wolves , & Dragons but only certain color schemes ( any of the 3 peacock are my absolute favorites, blue morpho, copper patina, gold, rainbow, silver either silvery or intense black, shell pink, tanzanite, or white)




              Email sent, I love his eyes, so pretty, so unique.


                So very lovely!!

                Heather Lien

                  Email sent! ❤️🤞🏻🍀😃


                    I’m a Collector Of Windstone Prism Dragons, I used them as Props in my Dungeon & Dragons scenarios. It gives the players a realism that they can see and focous on. I enjoy the beauty of the Prism Dragons. While me and my Ex-wife were separating we had everything in Storage, the Dragons were wrapped in towels. Our Dragons and D&D gear was stolen. We lost over 20 yrs of daily logs of actual playing time of 12 players and the Dungeon Master. My wife took cript notes of the games we played in all that time. All 3 First editions of the Players handbook the Dungeon masters guide and so on, All Gone. So slowly over the next few years I want to rebuild my Dragon Collections. And this is the Best place to do that! <3 “I’ve already sent in my April 2022 email” Good Luck All.


                      So awesome! Reminds me of my favorite dog… a Siberian Husky with two different color eyes and a personality as fierce as a dragon!


                        So sorry to hear of the theft of your D&D and Dragons! Best wishes on rebuilding your collection.


                          What a bi-eyed beauty!

                          Jeff- Sorry to hear of your great and devastating loss.

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