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    Hi. I am new to the forum. I just unpacked my collection of the White Pegasus Family of 4. They’ve been in storage for 20 years and are in excellent condition. I am thinking about selling them. Can anyone tell me their value? I have no idea how to download a photo of them, but they are the father, mother, daughter pegasus, and baby pegasus hatching from its egg. The mother and daughter both have necklaces.


    Hi and welcome. I was confused as it looks like you have posted 6 new threads about your pegasus family so just to let you know you only need to post one and then can go back and edit it if something doesn’t work right. You have to have the images you want to post hosted on a site like photobucket and then copy and paste the links here to see the images. Here is a tutorial of how to do it. http://ssedan.com/tutorial.html

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    Thanks. After writing my post and also trying to send photos, I could not find anything where it said send or post. After hitting save several times I realized I duplicated posts!


    I removed your many duplicate threads. No problem, mistakes happen! Also remember you can just reply here to post photos instead of making a new thread several times. πŸ™‚

    Here is some help for sharing photos: http://windstoneeditions.com/forum/confused-about-images-links-etc-new-forum-heres-guide

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    After you upload your photo to Photobucket, you can copy the HTML link at the right of your image (click on the link to copy) and paste it here (hit Control and V). Then your photo will show:

     photo 0811151556223_zps5nv87lxi.jpg


    Thank you for removing my many duplicate threads!


    Thank you. I thought I did that. Maybe my problem is trying to do it on a tablet. I am honestly not dumb, although I think I am coming across that way! πŸ™


    Thank you. I thought I did that. Maybe my problem is trying to do it on a tablet. I am honestly not dumb, although I think I am coming across that way! πŸ™

    No one thinks you’re dumb. It’s taken many of us significant time to figure out how to post pictures.

    That said – lovely family!

    If your tablet (or phone) is of the “i” variety, there’s a photo bucket app that’s seamless.

    PM if me you like (anyone reading this can, too) and I’ll walk you through it.

    Life is beautiful.


    No worries! I STILL have photo problems *bonks head against computer screen* and some one usually kindly bails me out :p πŸ˜‰ :bigsmile: And that is a very lovely family! Welcome to the mad house by the way! Glad you found us :bigsmile:

    twindragonsmum :bigsmile:



    Thanks so much Scathach and twindragonsmum! πŸ™‚


    Beautiful set.

    ISO:original white mother Pegasus to complete set.Thanx😊
    Grail wish...MALE HEARTHπŸ’˜One day...



    I know that you have posted it one year ago but do you still have you Pegasus set for sale please ?

    If yes, please send me a message, I am interested in….

    Thank you very much ! πŸ™‚

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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