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      Question for everyone!

      How does the name of a test paint impact your desire to purchase? Does the name even impact it for you at all? Do you get excited if you suggest a name and it gets picked as the name of that test paint color and then have to try and win one because of that?

      These are some of the funny things I think of when I can’t sleep at night ^_^ Am I weird?

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        Well … you’re different. 🙂

        A name would not keep me from buying a test paint that I liked, but sometimes the name makes the piece a little more fun. I bought this guy because I liked him plus the name amused me. “Banana Orange Dream” is a ball python color morph. I think that the artist used some imagination when painting the dragon!




          I have a GBYU named Orpheus that I bought simply because that is my favorite myth. He’s a cool GBYU, but I totally bought him for his name. Otherwise I buy them because I like their coloration and paint scheme. I have a Sun Dragon that Melody hates,but I think is absolutely beautiful.

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            a name doesn’t do anything for me, I buy something if I like it….then I call it what I want if I decide to name it later…..

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              I only own 1 test paint so I don’t count.😝

              A cool name wouldn’t influence me to buy a piece I was neutral on; a poor one wouldn’t stop me from getting a piece I liked. But a cool name on a cool piece might help me want it all the more.

              If my name suggestion got used, it might give me a sense of ownership and therefore desire to own one- but not necessarily.

              Having said that, I don’t name my dragons. With only a couple exceptions, I only have 1 of each sculpt so if I need to refer to it I do so by sculpt name. If I had a big collection, names probably would be given and used.


                Ha Ha Ha! “Banana Orange Dream” sounds like it should be an Ice Cream Float or a Smoothie! ^_^

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                  I wanted to buy a streptocarpus plant. They have gorgeous flowers in all sorts of colors. It was really hard to choose,
                  but the name did it. This is “Smelly cat”



                    A name would never stop me from getting an item but a name can super incentivize me to get a piece even more if I like the name.

                    The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.


                      I don’t think names really affect me one way or the other, but then, I don’t collect the grab bag where pieces had actual names, so I’m used to “names” that are just the name of the color plus the name of the sculpt (and a number if applicable) than to creative individual names. There’s not a lot of excitement or disaster in “Sunset Lap #8” or “GB 3-2018.” 🙂

                      I do find the “Lavender Rose” color name a little baffling – it’s a deep purple! Where does the rose come in? Or the lavender, for that matter? But it’s not something I think about much, unless I happen to be looking at the name.

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                        I wanted to buy a streptocarpus plant. They have gorgeous flowers in all sorts of colors. It was really hard to choose,
                        but the name did it. This is “Smelly cat”


                        That is something I would have done! I grow orchids that have off names, like Paph. Blood Clot, Den. Burana Horny and Rlc. Golf Green ‘Hair Pig’. Some of the hybrids from the Far East have names that suffer in translation. I also get a kick out of stinky flowers; I have Stapelia and if I ever have the time I want to try my hand at Bulbophyllum orchids, many of which stink and some hybrids having cool names like Doggie Doo and Dragons Breath.

                        Good growing with Smelly Cat,it’s lovely!


                          I have noticed the odd name over the years that I didn’t like on a test paint and whether I liked the colour or not, it did turn me off wanting the piece. I personally didn’t like the new rust name and there have been many others where I thought there were a lot of great name choices I saw on Facebook that for some reason were not picked. I liked some names my daughter thought of for test paints that were never picked but if one had been picked then maybe we would have tried to get one of those pieces.


                            I don’t have a dog in this hunt.I don’t have any of the eBay ones but the name wouldn’t matter to me if I did.I like what my eyes behold, not what it’s called.I do however,name all of my Windstones.

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