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    I saw a question like this on Prezaurian’s thread and thought it was a good topic; please forgive me if it’s been done before (it didn’t look like anyone had previously addressed this!) If you’re unfamiliar, a photo collage is used for showing your PYO (or other creative stuff!) from all angles but rather than making people flip between images to get a 3D sense of the piece, a collage shows it all at once, in one larger image. Very useful, especially for records and if you want to sell your piece! Here’s an example of one of mine:

    Lots of people make them better than me, mainly because I have trouble picking out favourite photographs and usually end up using way too many haha.

    I always create my collages in Adobe Photoshop, a program of which there are many different versions; I use CS4. It’s also what I use for pretty much all of my digital artwork and making collages in particular is an absolute snap with this program. Unfortunately, while it’s famous for being a go-to graphics tool for scores of creative professionals, Photoshop is also famous for being ridiculously expensive! I believe that any creative software that has layers and can import images will probably work for making a collage; layers make it far easier to tweak things, especially if you want to move your photos around or add text or change the colour of the background. 🙂

    I’ve personally only used Photoshop for this but I’m sure there are other programs that you can use, so what’s your go to PYO collage creating program? I believe that GIMP would probably make great freebie art software program for those that just want a casual program just for this purpose since lots of artists out there use it instead of Photoshop. I haven’t tried it for this though.

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    😀 I answered this in my thread, but it doesn’t hurt to have it all in one place! I use Corel Painter 12. Unfortunately, this is also a pricey program (it used to be more expensive than Photoshop, but now it’s cheaper). I have GIMP too, but I haven’t tried using it for a collage.


    I use picassa myself, but have never been too pleased with it being that your collage can only ever be the generic 8 1.5 x 11 frame shape.

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    I just use the MS Paint tool xD but I do use GIMP, on occasion.

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    I use Photoshop CS3 since it’s the version I could get the student discount on back when I was studying.


    Photoshop CS5. I had CS6 at some point, so I did use that some. But 5 is what I currently have.


    Photoshop Elements 🙂

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