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    Welcome to the Windstone Forums!

    This is a great place for Windstone enthusiasts, collectors, retailers and more from all corners of the globe and all backgrounds to meet and discuss anything Windstone related.

    You will find that we are a very enthusiastic, passionate, and fun group! It’s sometimes easy to be intimidated by the volume of posts and some of the more energetic users, but it is all in good fun and collecting here.

    You will find most of us are very happy to help out newcomers and answer any questions you might have. Some of the answers might be found by exploring the Main Windstone website or using the “Search” function you see at the top of the page. Other answers may not be as obvious. You are welcome to ask! There are no dumb questions.

    There are very few rules here, and most of them you probably learned in Kindergarten or as a young child. 🙂

      We allow only a SINGLE account per user. I can see your IP addresses, so don’t try and dodge this. Suspicious accounts may become deactivated, and please don’t use this as a way to get more entries into the raffle. If it gets to be a problem it could kill the spirit of the raffles– don’t ruin it for everyone!! If you have multiple users per household / per IP feel free to talk to me about it. Be honest, please!

      – Politeness and general good manners go a long way. Even though it may not seem like it, what you say here is public and potentially anyone could see it. If you wouldn’t feel right saying it in public, it probably doesn’t belong here!

      – Keep it rated PG-13 or lower. This is a family friendly forum! Please keep your language and content child-friendly.

      – Please keep any photos or images you post under 200kb and no wider than 800 pixels if possible. This will help keep load times faster, and keep the formatting of the forum from appearing broken by those running a lower resolution on their screens.

      – Every member has space in the “Paint Your Own” gallery for sharing photos of PYOs. This gallery space is for PYOs only and images of other things (such as repaints of production pieces, or whatever) will not be approved. PYOs that infringe upon Windstone’s trade dress or that are questionable may not be approved (we will Private Message you). Additionally, we try to only approve 4 images per day so that everyone has a chance to be on the front page so please be patient in waiting for your photos to show up. Each member has a set amount of space, but if you keep your photo size to 100kb or less then you can fit more than 100 photos in your gallery!

      – Going off topic is okay here (except in a few of the stickys that request that replies be ‘on topic’).

      – Most importantly: Be Excellent to Each Other and Party On!

      If you have a problem with the forum or another user please feel free to Private Message your loving forum Administrators:

      Jennifer – Jennifer Miller (this is me) Windstone Staff and forum Admin/Moderator

      If you need help with anything regarding your order with Windstone, or any questions about ordering, sales, or any of that important stuff, you need to contact Windstone directly. Please email service@windstoneeditions.com or call them directly at 800-982-4464!

      Also, for those that are new, some of our “Windstone Slang” might be confusing. Here are some common acronyms/ abbreviations we use and what they mean:

        PYO – Acronym for Paint Your Own; the series of blank paintable figurines that Windstone has released for our creativity!

        OW – The Old Warrior Dragon Sculpture

        SK – The Secret Keeper Dragon Sculpture

        Riser – The Rising Spectral Dragon sculpture

        Scratcher – The Scratching Dragon Sculpture

        Curlie / Coily / Cowpie – These are affectionate terms for any of the coiled dragon sculptures.

        AL – Autumn Leaf (the coloration, see Melody’s gallery for photos)

        BG – Black Gold (the coloration)

        BEP – Black Emerald Peacock (the coloration)

        BVP – Black Violet Peacock (the coloration)

        Empea / MP – Emerald Peacock (the coloration)

      Thank you for joining us and please enjoy!


      Volunteer mod- I'm here to help! Time sensitive issues: See a spammer? Website going haywire? email me! nambroth at gmail.com
      My art: featherdust.com


      Volunteer mod- I'm here to help! Time sensitive issues: See a spammer? Website going haywire? email me! nambroth at gmail.com
      My art: featherdust.com

    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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