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      These are so easy to raise and once you do,you taste the difference between homegrown and store bought,you will be hooked.A couple of big buckets with drain holes,big bag garden Miracle-gro garden soil,seed,water,and sunshine.That’s it.Mother Nature does the work.
      I got a cherry tom. plant with some already on it and it just keeps producing.Great hobby too.I have given tomatoes to 4 different families and I have all I need.




        Yours are doing well. I’m growing about 8 different varieties of tomatoes this year including a few heirlooms. Agree with you that once you eat homegrown tomatoes, they don’t compare. I dislike hothouse tomatoes so much that I started canning some of my surplus tomatoes and give them out to my neighbors also. My plants look to be nearing the end of growing season. I started the seeds indoors in March under a grow light. Can’t beat the taste!


          We’re trying to grow tomatoes. We haven’t gotten many tomatoes because the rats take them! Last time I tried to grow tomatoes the deer took them.


            Dang!Sorry.Deer just love y’all’s property.Have you tried chicken fence wire around them?
            I know a few people that wish they had deer like that around.
            I am growing in buckets because of moles.They don’t get real big but they produce well and the taste are incredible.


              Might anyone consider sending me some tomatoes 🍅 if I paid for them plus shipping??
              The produce here in California is lacking in flavor and freshness, especially tomatoes…
              A fav. meal growing up was toast and tomatoes!!
              Not sure if produce can be shipped in mail?? Does anyone know ??
              It would be for me and 🕊 only.
              Hugs !!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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