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    I probably should have just put this in the Ebay 2016 picture thread but I wanted it to stand out on the offchance it would elsewise go missed. This will be randomly random but I wanted to express a huge THANK YOU to whomever at Windstones took over managing the Ebay auctions after Pam left.

    I know these auctions seem like a small, insignificant thing but I absolutely love seeing the test paint pieces in all their splendor even though all I can really do at this point is look. Having that ‘test paint dry spell’ in the interim was a sore point that I suspect several others whom haunt the forums could agree upon.

    You’re doing a bang-up job of maintaining a steady flow of pieces through Ebay. Your efforts are greatly appreciated, so thank you!



    Ditto! It is so much fun looking at the ebay pieces and wondering what y’all are going to come up with next. I am clueless as to what is involved in listing items, so thank you, thank you for being willing to pick up the baton and move forward with putting those lovely babies on ebay – and demolishing our budgets. 😉



    Ahhhhhh YES!
    And perchance to Dream again on ALL these Lovelies! I even got close to winning the ‘Jungle Flame’ Hatching Emperor, BUT got over bid at the end – Sooooo Close!
    Congrats to whomever won him BTW – he WAS a Looker! And the money I saved did allow me to get a GB Baby Uni, so alls well… 🙂

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    I’ll add my voice to the kudos. Looking at the new test paints on Ebay is one of my favourite Windstone “activities”, so I’m grateful to whomever took over that responsibility.

    Now I just have to wait patiently for the maple emperor dragon to show up. 😀



    Yes, I agree. I know I sure missed seeing the eBay test paints come up every day.
    I can’t afford them usually but it is wonderful to see them and to be able to dream.
    Thank you for doing such a great job!

    Looking for:



    Totally agree with all above! Thank you!



    There are two people working together to keep our ebay auctions flowing – I’ve made sure that they have seen this post! 🙂 (Its not me doing it, I just ship out the ebay orders) I too am very appreciative of their good work!


    Celestial Rainstorm

    Agreed 100%

    Finding happiness again.



    Pam left???



    I hadn’t even known that Pam had left either, but I’ve been away for a while so I’ll just add my grateful kudos!! Great job dynamic ebay duo!

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    Well done, whomever is doing the new listings and photos!

    Pam left???

    She did, some time before we migrated the website over. It’s why there was a temporary gap in eBay listings.

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