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    Wasn’t there supposed to be a drawing done when the first three traveling fuzzies got home? Did they all ever make it home?


    Two of them did, one I believe is still among the missing.

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    I was sort of hoping no one remembered that! Its been bothering me that we haven’t followed through on that promise yet. There is supposed to be a raffle amongst all of the hosts of the original 3 flat fuzzies – However Red Flat Fuzzy is hiding with his list of hosts, and because it keeps seeming like he’ll re-appear soon, and because I’m lazy, I have not tried to re-create his list of hosts for raffle purposes. We know whose house he is in, but his location has not yet been found. He is safe! Just a little TOO safe…

    I guess I’d better get busy and work on this project! If you hosted Red Fuzzy, please send me an email at”>


    Oh Ms.Susie,don’t fret.You have waited on us a long time,we can wait on you also.If you need help we are here for you. I bet if we all put our heads together we can get whatever info you may need.

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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