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      I know I haven’t been on in a while, trying to avoid temptation, but I wanted to poke my head in and update you guys on a situation affecting 2 of our forum members-Riversgrace and Opal Dragon.

      So Opal Dragon was in a bad situation in her home state and came to Texas to stay with Riversgrace and start a new life here. Riversgrace lives in Rosenberg, Tx, near the Brazos river. It has been raining for months here, with little reprieve. Poor city planning and improper drainage has left rivers swollen and no where to go. The Brazos River has flooded. The whole town of Rosenberg is pretty much under water. Now Riversgrace AND Opal Dragon are homeless. We are all hoping the waters recede quickly so they can begin rebuilding and fixing their home. Riversgrace is renting her home, so at least that’s one giant stress she doesn’t have to deal with-BUT she does have to wait for the homeowner to come in and start the repairs. It is a two story house and they had enough time before the evacuation to move everything important upstairs-so we are hoping the river doesn’t rise any more and that everything upstairs is safe. Their whole lives are upstairs; beds, clothing, books, family photos, Windstones-everything. Luckily she and her little zoo of cats and dogs and children all got out safely, but they are left with only the possessions they could quickly stuff into the car. Her father in law had moved to Texas to live with her too, so there are a lot of people she had taken in out of the kindness of her heart. I have taken in Opal Dragon for the time being, her cats are with her mother, and she and her kids and husband are staying with her mother in law in west Houston.

      Her father in law has set up a gofundme account for her.
      The link is there if anyone wants to see.
      If you would like to send her or Opal Dragon anything-clothes, money directly, toys for her kids or jeans for her husband, please PM me for details. I’m not asking for help honestly, but she has always been such a kind person, I wanted to let everyone know what is going on.

      Here is a picture of her house on Tuesday
       photo FB_IMG_1464974790441.jpg

      and here are the last, most recent shots we have. Her property is in the bottom circled

       photo FB_IMG_1464806705052.jpg

       photo FB_IMG_1464974755224.jpg


        I’m PM’ing you!

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          Oh no! I am so, so incredibly sorry. That’s just awful! I hope everyone is alright.

          Finding happiness again.


            Wow, I had no idea. That’s is awful to go through something like that but glad to hear you are others are helping them and hopefully the rain will stop and flooding will go down. Did they just have to leave their stuff on he second floor and hope to get it back after the flooding resides?

            Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


              Oh, wow! Thank you so much for letting us know. I hope everything works out ok for everyone.


                Thank you so much for the heads up! How awful. I really hope the stuff in the second level stays safe for them.


                  This is so awful to hear. I hope that all of their things are safe.

                  Sending prayers to all of those who are in a situation like that and I hope that everyone is lucky enough to have friends and loved ones that can be there for them and help out.

                  Looking for:


                    Oh no! 🙁
                    So sorry to hear this. Wish we could take all that water and dump it on the fires here in Canada.
                    I hope their stuff will be okay.


                      Wow, I had no idea. That’s is awful to go through something like that but glad to hear you are others are helping them and hopefully the rain will stop and flooding will go down. Did they just have to leave their stuff on he second floor and hope to get it back after the flooding resides?

                      Yes, they are hoping the water doesn’t reach the second floor.

                      We all wish we could send you this water in Canada. It would be the perfect solution. Maybe someone was trying to put the fire out and sent all this rain, but their aim was poor.

                      I’ll update the main post with a link and photos.
                      I’ve been able to gather clothes for Riversgrace, and she says her kids are taken care of now, they have everything they need all considered. If someone has any men’s clothing-pants size 34 and shirts XL for her husband, I know he would appreciate it.


                        OH NO! I will gather some things.What else besides men’s clothes?

                        Every act matters.No matter how small💞
                        (Wanted......Brimstone Lap)
                        Male Hearth....one day🤞Dream on.


                          I’m so sorry to hear they’re going through this! Keep us posted on how things go for them, and let them know we hope things get better for them soon!


                            editing this so it’s not a horribly embarrassing double post! Dunno what happened with the browser, usually it’s not a problem.


                              So sorry to hear about this. If you want to post a list of needed things, I’m sure we can pool resources to help. I have had friends go through awful flooding and always wish to help.

                              Volunteer mod- I'm here to help! Email me for the best response: nambroth at gmail.com
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                                I’m so sorry. That’s just awful. I can’t even imagine. Hope they’re both ok! 🙁


                                  Another update:
                                  First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who offered to help! This just proves that we really are a big family here. As far as necessities, we have been able to gather anything Riversgrace and her kids and husband needs, and they are still able to work so they have been able to purchase anything they forgot to grab.
                                  Riversgrace, true to her name braved the flood waters and went back into her house yesterday to grab a few precious things that were irreplaceable and check on the status of things. Everything was moved upstairs except the fridge and couch, so they are ruined, but everything upstairs is safe!! 🙂 All the clothes, Windstones, photos etc. is high and dry. Currently, everyone has everything they need except OpalDragon. We are trying to find her a job (as is she) so she can get back on her feet. The waters have gone down about 2 feet, but there is still a few feet of water in the bottom floor of the house. They’ll be able to live upstairs while repairs are going on as soon as the water has gone down all together. I’m an hour, about 30/40 miles northwest of her house and it continues to rain here every day. We are out of the path of the Brazos river, so life continues as normal. I love the rain, but Houston is AT SEA LEVEL so unlike the PNW where it rains every day, we don’t have the benefit of mountains (I wish) to wash it away. I hope it stops raining soon, but we are just at the beginning of Hurricane season so that means lots more rain. I hope Rosenberg doesn’t get anymore. Her birthday is THIS WEDNESDAY! 🙂 the 8th so if you’re friends with her on facebook or if you want to email her at Riversgrace27(at)yahoo.com to say Happy Birthday, I know she’d love that <3 🙂

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