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      It came up in another thread, and now I’m curious. What’re your strangest or funniest Windstone ordering stories?

      My two are pulling off the highway and into a business’ driveway to order a GB curlie on my phone, and both hubby and I ordering GB foxes outside the OBGYN’s office /before/ texting our family and friends that we’d just found out we were having a boy.


      Celestial Rainstorm

        Well, I don’t have any “ordering” stories, but my first two Windstones have quite a story to them. I found them in a pawn shop when manager was just about to give them to Goodwill because nobody wanted them. I had some birthday money with me and bought my Peacock hatcher V.1 for $30.00. There was also a bird-wing flap cat there, and I wanted her so badly but had to wait until next week.

        When I came back to the pawn shop, one of the workers said the piece was already sold, and I was so sad. Funny thing is, the manager had hid her in the back for me, and I scored her for $5. I still have them and adore them as they guard my library!

        Finding happiness again.


          I have had some amusing ordering stories for grab bags. I was on a date one time when I decided to check my phone and saw grab bags had come so ended up getting one off my phone in the middle of a movie. That was a little embarrassing but he knew I collected these. haha. Another time I didn’t have home internet for a little while and tried tethering my phone data to my laptop but it was too slow so I ran down a couple blocks to Tim Horton’s with my laptop so I could use their free wifi to get a grab bag. I ended up sitting there for over an hour trying to get one to drop out of a cart but got one. Fun times!

          Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


            What a great story, Celestial! So nice of the manager to save the flap cat for you!

            Haha, Kim! At least your date was understanding. XD


              One time I was driving to a Fleetwood Mac concert and at a traffic light saw a grab bag had just come out on my phone, I was expecting it so anxious. So I asked one of my friends to take over as driver, ha so I could concentrate on ordering the gb. There was no time to keep a van load of passengers waiting while I tried to get the gb while they were in a concert good mood if I pulled over and concentrated on that. Another time my internet was down, but I was sure a gb was coming out that evening. I live down in a hollow near a stream so the phone reception is not reliable so couldn’t use that as backup. So I drove up the hill to the high school and waited. Cars came and went. I was worried that a policeman would ask me what I was doing sitting in the parking lot so long. And just when I was about to give up that evening they came out two hours later. Ha, I guess you have to be a little crazy to order your life around gb releases like that.


                I commute on a train to work, and coming home a gb group hit, I think it was the gb mini keepers? Anyway, my network cuts in an out in certain places on the route, and the train has unreliable wifi, so I moved from car to car trying to find a reliable signal to order. Did manage it with my data, but mostly because the train had moved out of the boonies and into a city. But I had gone from car to car muttering to myself and holding my phone up and down and all over the place before I could order. People were looking at me like I was a wee bit crazy, but they just don’t understand the GB fever!


                  Haha, I remember endlessly trawling through out-of-state Craigslist ads for pieces I was after. I found a grail piece listed for a very fair price in Arizona, but when I contacted the seller she was clearly spooked about the idea of selling to someone from California and very adamant that she would not ship. On the outside I was all “I completely understand it is okay good luck with your sales thank you for your time” but on the inside I’m just all

                  Discouraged, I tried to find a forum member who lived close enough to do a pickup, and I did! And better yet, she was totally willing to help me out. The seller was STILL a little suspicious when this person contacted her, even though she was careful to keep a poker face about the whole situation. It was so odd. Why list your piece and then be headshy when people want to buy it? :/ I was just happy it all worked out in the end though. 🙂

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