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    UPDATE 5/12/13
    Mother’s Day Foo

    <img src=" width="500"

    UPDATE 3/2/13
    The Kirin is done! I haven’t thought of a name for her yet, but I’m very pleased with how she came out (not particularly pleased with the photos, but I’ve never been good at photographing things…) The camera kind of blew out the nice blends in the browns and makes her look darker than she really is. Her colors were inspired by those end of summer days that get all gold and warm. (haha, can you tell I’m excited for winter to be over?)

    My favorite part to do was her scales: they’re a mix of olive green diluted with yellow ochre, pearl, and interference gold, so they’ve got a nice glowy luster.

     photo 2013-03-02010315_zps914ae664.jpg  photo 2013-03-02010205_zps339a0a83.jpg

     photo 2013-03-02010148_zps4d90799a.jpg  photo 2013-03-02010133_zps0f95ecd8.jpg

     photo 2013-03-02010115_zpsd95663b3.jpg

    She had the spots that I’d planned in the picture until the very end, when I decided I didn’t like them, and painted over them. The hard way to the simpler end.


    UPDATE: 8/2/12
    Plans for the next one. I actually have had the kirin longer than the wolf, but I think I wanted to practice first, because I plan on keeping the kirin.



    First one!

    I really waffled between doing a ‘sun wolf’ or a ‘moon wolf’ both in much more natural color schemes…but then I coudln’t resist this once it popped into my head. I’m not usually one for crazy color schemes (I prefer the natural look) but, I guess…butterflies -are- natural, aren’t they?

    She’s done in acrylic, with metalic blue, peridot, and gold faded through her wings, and peridot and gold on her face, with a blued down face on her feet and tail. She sports white spots on the back of her ears, her face, and her front legs, inspired by a monarch butterfly. She has yellow eyes, they really pop with her golden-green face.

    I haven’t sealed her/him yet, and I’m thinking maybe some gold interference over her white spots might be nice. We’ll see. She’ll be for sale or trade when finished. E-mail me if interested at starhorse2020 (at)


    UPDATE 5/12/13

    Decided to post smaller versions in post #1 Gallery style, and bigger versions in their own posts, so here’s higher resolution versions of the mama foo.

    If you want to see full resolution, right click and ‘open image in new tab’ and it’ll open with the un-resized version.


    She is beautiful!


    Wow those PYO’s you have done are so Beautiful!! Love that Mothers Day foo, she is so colorful!! Her necklace charm is cute 🙂


    Love that Mother’s Day Foo! The eyes and jewel set her off wonderfully–just stunning. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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