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    Awesome group so far Brenda! What a group.If you need any help,give me a holla.Pyo production workers are going to be busy.

    Every act matters,no matter how small.
    Grail wish...MALE HEARTH💘One day...


    I’d like to join, you may consider posting this to fb group I would have missed it if it wasn’t for a friend notifying me.


    It was posted to the Facebook group on January 31. Given the tendency of things on Facebook to be buried by other posts it may need a bump.

    Brenda Lower

    Bumped it again on facebook, reminding people here too! Only 10 days left to sign up!
    We have almost 40 people on the list! Please don’t feel intimidated by the names here, it’s so fun to see what everyone has to contribute! Message me to sign up or if you have questions!

    Brian Gay

    Interested in joining the swap.

    Looking for anything dragon, love the peacock style

    Brian Gay


    My first swap! So excited!

    While no one is expected to leap tall buildings in a single
    bound, our aspiring heroes will be tested on their courage,
    integrity, self-sacrifice, compassion and resourcefulness -
    the stuff of all true superheroes.
    - Stan Lee

    Brenda Lower

    Brian and Christina- make sure read the rules at the beginning- I haven’t seen a message from either of you and want to make sure you get signed up if you want to participate! Message me if you want to sign up!


    Just sent a PM! So nervous but excited!


    Maia Howard

    Hi Brenda!?

    I want to be part of the PYO spring 2022 swap. I purchased a handful of PYO already and hope they get here in time.

    Please let me k ow what else I need to do

    Maia Howard Mother of Corgis

    Kevin Garrison

    Hi gang, so remember if you are signing up. You need to send Brenda a PM with the information requested in the first post she made.

    Brenda Lower

    Hi all! We have 49 people signed up for the swap at this point! It’s amazing!

    Please message me if you are interested in still signing up- we have until this Tuesday, February 22nd to sign up.

    If you send me a message to sign up and I haven’t acknowledged it, please let me know! I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten everyone, but I just want to make sure.

    Assignments for painting will go out later this week, probably Wednesday or Thursday.

    Thanks to all who are participating!

    Brenda Lower

    Hello again all my Windstone friends-

    We had 53 people sign up for the Spring swap. Holy cow it’s a big group!

    Assignments should be going out over the next couple days. Please keep an eye on your messages here- this will be how I let people know. Feel free to message me with questions- if I can’t answer them, I’ll help you find someone that can.

    Thanks everyone! This is going to be a blast!


    Well, that answers that question. 🙂 I am too late. I’ll try and catch the next one. Meanwhile I’ll enjoy everyone’s pictures.

    And, as I just quickly skimmed this thread, Facebook group? The regular Windstone group or?
    Thank you. 🙂

    -- Angie

    Jennifer Arkland

    I’m from Facebook pegasus4240. I used to be here on the forums years ago, but my name then was WindstoneCollector. I don’t apend much time on the forums anymore, but I did come over here to sign up. There are people from both places I believe. This is my first swap since 2013-2014, so it’s been a while. I’m pretty excited! Especially since there’s 53 people! I hope you can get in on the fall swap, I’m pretty sure there will be one!❤


    Awe I missed it….😞


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