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    AR Keay

    Wow I’m really loving the new site! Unfortunately my old account was apparently still on an email address (thought I had changed it) that had been lost to the wind so you might be a little confused with a doppelganger for a while. I need to repost the Photography Tutorial with working links then delete my old account. It’s all good though- cleans up all those broken image posts!

    I’ve figured out my fancy pants artist title now, but will still respond to/use the name Soulscape here and there =)

    Check out this dropbox folder for more pics!
    A little ironic finishing this in the summer as it was inspired by a shady mountain side one winter in my hometown, but he was the quickest to finish in my WIP roster. The collective layers of deciduous created a cool shade of burgundy against the snow. This sculpture sports subtle silver accents and some red interference to enrich the purple here and there. He is for sale a $178 + Shipping.


    I haven’t forgotten about the fans that want to commission me someday. With holiday shopping around the corner it’s a crucial time, but it’s really hard to make a sustainable wage at the old prices 🙁 Right now I’m trying to gage how many hours it takes to get some estimates, but you probably wont see ballpark prices per sculpt for the rest of the year. If you are interested and willing to go ‘by the hour’ feel free to contact me at I have some dragons, a wolf, phoenixes, and a flap cat already in stock.

    Wish I could talk more on the forums rather than lurk, but I’m extremely busy with lots of different things. Hope everyone had a great summer! Would love to hear about it here 🙂 I had an amazing time out in Banf/Jasper national park with a group of artists and had my fair share of wildlife experiences!

    Celestial Rainstorm

    How gorgeous! The color blending is outstanding.

    Finding happiness again.


    Always love your work Nuke… SoulScape <3 LOL!

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    Love that wolf, Such a gorgeous color, one of my favorites!

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    Freakin’ gorgeous Soulscape, love the colours a whole bunch! 😀

    Check out my finished artwork at and my sketch/studio blog at



    Your shading and blending is wonderful! The ‘ghosted’ banding on the wings is Awesome! 😀

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    AR Keay

    Thankyou everyone for the wonderful comments ^-^

    Here is my newest addition – Oriole Phoenix!

    Check out this dropbox folder for nicer pics!

    I also started releasing PYO tips on my facebook (as well as DA):
    You can also see turn around videos there as my new Nikon sports video recording!

    Also Drag0nfeathers I love your Alopex costume!!! Do you have any more photos?


    Wow! Love the color scheme and especially those tail-feathers! 🙂

    Celestial Rainstorm

    The detail is just jaw-dropping. Especially in those tail feathers, the barring is perfect. I cannot WAIT to see what you do next!

    Finding happiness again.


    That is truly gorgeous color and detail work on the Oriole Phoenix! I love the really subtle ghost markings on the inner wings.


    Nice work on the wolf but I said WOW when I saw your Phoenix.Excellent!

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