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    I’ve been gone forever, I blame anime figure collecting. I descended upon the Windstone shop to see if there were any new dragon production colors I needed and it’s empty? Is it a COVID thing? Someone catch me up please?

    Hope yall have been staying safe. Take care.


    people are buying up dragons as fast as Windstone can restock them lately….and yeah, I would say covid since there’s less staff in the building so the batches are smaller and bought up really quick, everything is selling out fast lately!

    Sitting Cat found! SOON!!!!! OMG YEY!


    Nice to see you again! The dragon situation appears to be a combination of fewer people working at Windstone right now because of COVID plus a new group of collectors brought in by the “Windstone Editions Fan Club (Official)” Facebook page.

    Melody has said that they plan to increase the Windstone staff once COVID is under control. In the meantime, I think they only have two painters and can’t keep up with demand. When some dragons do go into the store they are snatched right up.


    Thanks for getting back to me. Well I’m glad is is mostly because of Windstone’s popularity in our current trying times. I was like WTH are we discontinuing dragons? How is that a thing!?!

    Take care all. I’ll try to be around more, been dying for one of those new-to-me oriental sitting dragons. Hard to balance all my collections these days! Trying to thin the herd to have space for new things is like pulling teeth.


    Don’t forget to put your name on the waitlist for any you are wanting in the store. That way you get an email when they are in stock.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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