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      A similar post seemed to be ended, but this one is slightly different. Since I do not have nor have I seen in person any Secret Keepers, I was thinking what color would you like to see done as one.
      My choices are:
      Blue Ice
      Blue Aurora
      Red Fire
      Not absolutely in that order. Of course I was just asked if I got one in Blue Ice would I give up getting any other one, I said most likely.


        Ive heard that the Red Fire was based on one of Olympia’s paint schemes, and there have been a few SK’s similar to the red fire color-but Barn Swallow would be awesome!


          I was actually in a position I could have purchased a SK back when the peacock- rainbow- gold ones were released, and I didn’t because none of those would work with my color oriented collection. I would like to see them in something related to old green (would SWOON! but there’s probably not enough left to cover one of those babies lol) or emeraldish, since that’s pretty much mine in a nutshell. I couldn’t get one now anyhow, so just an idea. The paint job on the eyeless scratcher would be great.
          Maybe a spring green would work, but I didn’t catch their auctions.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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