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      Hello Miss Melody!

      I acquired a really old mama dragon years back, secondhand. When I say old, she is old! She has no felt pad (stamp on the bottom), her gold accents have crazed, and she has some degradation to the backing of one eye. In addition to the two amethyst gems in her forehead, she has an additional ruby red gem in the ‘wingpit’ where the shoulder meets the base of the wing. Forgive the blurry pictures and the incomplete repairs, she came to me needing a lot of love!

      I’d always assumed a former owner must have glued it in, but the ruby gem has the same cut and sparkliness to it as her forehead gems – it’s not some plastic craft store rhinestone. So I’m wondering if this was something you guys did way back in the days of early production?

      In either case, I think it’s a nice touch, haha. Thanks!

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        That is actually so cool! The shoulder has a flower-like pattern, with the jewel at its center.

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          That “flower” is pretty.

          To answer you,not that I know of and the eyes look different.Maybe the lighting?Mine are deep orange,old,no pad. You can buy Swaroski crystals.I got a batch from eBay.

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            That is a neat addition!

            Just out of curiosity (that’s sort of my catch phrase on this site, isn’t it? xD), are gems ever placed atypically for eBay or grab bag pieces? Or are they always in the same spot? (I imagine it’s the latter, as I’m guessing there’s a sculpted ‘holder’ for them?)


              Well, it is possible someone who worked for us at the time did that. We weren’t super strict about what painters did to dragons they wanted to have for themselves, but I don’t think we had any ruby colored Swarovski jewels around then, and the size is bigger than our usual jewels.  If it is is only on one side, it is more likely a previous owner did that. This dragon needs some tlc!


                Thanks Melody, that’s what I thought at first but I figured it never hurts to check. The extra jewel is only on one side. The poor girl came to me in even worse shape, but I’ve sculpted back in her missing chips and starting putting down some paint. I’m trying to plan out how to patch up her missing or damaged gold accents without covering over the original crazed gold, I think it looks quite pretty on her! Thanks again 🙂

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                  I think your lady is one of the really old ones.  The oldest ones with no felt had amber eyes rather than orange.  I have one of the old males like that.


                    Sometimes the really old sculpts like this look better a little damaged… I don’t know why but it makes me appreciate the age of some of these old timers

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                      I agree drag0n – it sounds a little weird to say but the ‘battle scars’ seem to help indicate a piece’s age, haha. Some things wouldn’t be easy for me to fix, and I wouldn’t want to go to the lengths of covering over the crazed gold accents or replacing her one ‘bad’ eye. Gives her character! I do think there is such a thing as over-restoring. Maybe I get that from watching too much Antiques Roadshow and see people get chided for refinishing furniture…

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