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    This handsome male griffin is a rescue. Thanks to a chip in his ear, we couldn’t release him with the rest of his siblings as a regular figurine. However, a little bit of loving care an attention later, he’s better than new! Resplendent in the colors of an African wild dog, he is a more than worthy addition to anyone’s collection. His tan glass eyes contrast with his speckled hide and he wears a gold chain around his chest. As a bonus, he’s also signed by Melody Pena! If you are interested in a chance to win this Male Griffin, click this link to send me an email to my NEW raffle email address: with “September 2022 Raffle” in the Subject line, and in the body of the email, your real name and address and your Windstone Editions registered website user name (i.e. the name you use in your forum posts like WindstoneFan309). Once I receive your email, you should receive a response confirming that it arrived. The deadline for entering this raffle is 5:30 p.m. Pacific Time, Oct 1st, 2022 – Please send your email before that time! Late entries may not be considered. When the winner is chosen, they will receive an email to notify them and they will be posted with the rest of our winners on the Windstone Forums.

    The raffle prize pictured above is only available through this free raffle, this is not an item we have available for sale. One entry per person. If you have previously won a Windstone raffle or for complete information about our raffles, here is a link to our Raffle Rules.

    Winners are listed on the Windstone Forums after every raffle. Click here to visit to our Windstone Forum. When on the Forum page, if you look in the New Topics at the bottom of your screen you should see the Raffle Winner topic appear after the winner’s name has been drawn. Good luck everyone!

    Thank you!
    Melody Pena
    Windstone Editions





    Aza- a.k.a Rosalynne on Windstone Official Forum Group

    Holy Grail: Stone Cat "Puffin", non pink fantasy GB QLins. a mommy Kirin (any color lol), brown original sitting and standing Kirin. Any curlie i dont have lol.

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