Selling: Hand cast, dapple grey unicorn and small red/violet dragon!

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    Both of these are cured and ready to be packed up. They are cast from my original sculptures in a gypsum based plaster. They are both hand painted and varnished. The unicorn’s body has a satin finish and the dragon has a coat of the magic invisable paint. These prices include shipping in the US, I will ship outside the US but will have to look up the price difference before I can give you a total >.< Unicorn: $100 measures approx 5 inches long by 4 inches tall. Pictures taken on a cloudy day. The horn is coated in a soft pearl white.  photo greydapple6_zps14fece51.jpg
     photo greydapple5_zps027f340b.jpg
     photo greydapple4_zpsa0548b3d.jpg

    Nestling Dragon: $65 Measures approx 3 inches tall and long. Mostly red, fading to violet and blue. Siam colored crystals and metallic blueish/purple eyes with a coat of magic invisable paint to finish it off!

     photo red-violet4_zps526c15dd.jpg
     photo red-violet5_zps9a99140c.jpg
     photo red-violet6_zps0d7e8ef1.jpg
     photo red-violet_zpsf973dccf.jpg

    If you are interested in either of these send me a PM. First come first serve. If there is interest in a particular paint job, I can do another simular one for the asking 😉

    Thanks much!

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