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      We recently bought this from eBay and had so looked forward to our Red Fire Lap and it being special was even better. Well it arrived today, packaging looked okay at first but as we took it out a uneasy rattle & clunk. My heart sank as I careful turned it around to see that one of the horns and broken off taking a large piece down to the eye with it.
      Makes number 6 in my infirmary that I have some hope to either repair myself or get repaired some day.
      For those that have the others 9 of these special edition pieces, I guess there value just went a little higher.

      A very saddened dragon,

      Danzig Moon (Karen)

        Did it not come in it’s original box?

        Yes it did come in it’s original box. It may not have been set in exactly right and seems to have rolled onto the horn.
        They can be fragile things, or I ran into that one delivery guy from the video. J/K on that, trying to get some cheer back over this. It was a dream find, the Red Fire Lap I need to fill my collection and a special version was a bonus. Back to looking for a Red Fire Lap.

        The lap was one of my last pieces to get also. I hope you can fix her and even though will never be mint again you will have your lap. Good Luck!! 🙂

        *** Always looking for Brindles..*** AWD Pieces **** Lavender Coiled Mother with Globe**** if you have one you would like to sell or trade please contact me ?

        Wampus Dragon

          I just got my special red fire young and normal red fire hatcher from the same seller and they arrived safe. Sounds like maybe the lap wasnt nestled the right way in the box. 🙁 Either way i think this particular seller packed mine the way they should be. Maybe the parcel service mishandled the package.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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