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    This story is so awesome too!!!
    As is The Veligent !!
    Luv luv luv both stories !!


    No “Rue Day” page this week.
    Melody says, ” I decided not to kill myself to get a page of Rueday done this weekend. I took a day off for Mother’s day!
    I ordered a printed proof of ‘The Veligent’ and a different version of the black and white ‘the Reptanglian sketchbook’ to see how much I screwed those up this time! I haven’t seen them yet.
    Getting there. SLOWLY”


    Oops – I was out of town with limited computer access so this is four days late!
    Page 25.


    No new page this week.
    Melody says, “Once again I spent the entire weekend re-doing the sketchbook for a “The Veligent” kickstarter reward. Sheesh. Why did I think this would be easy? I should know by now.
    I have gotten two different proofs of the printed book and I didn’t love either of them. This is because I was thinking I could do it cheaply and have the book printed in black and white. Cheap never works. Even after I enhanced the black and white images they still came out -meh- looking.
    So now I have re-done the whole thing AGAIN to have it printed in color, so the black is rich black and the pencil drawings look like pencil., plus If this doesn’t work, I give up!
    So what I am getting to is the reason I didn’t get a new page of Rue day up today! It is being worked on in my head though.
    I also got a printed proof of “The Veligent! Very exciting. I promptly filled it full of sticky notes about things I still need to fix, but that’s why you get a proof!
    I’m plugging along slowly toward the goal of getting a kickstarter going and getting this mess printed!!”

    Diana Welch

    Nice one. I like this art 🙂

    Technical Support at Petstreetmall


    Page 26


    Page 27


    No page this week.  Melody says, “So much work to do to get this right!
    I didn’t even try to get a new page of Rueday done this weekend.
    I am still working on getting a final version of the book done! …”

    Melody did post a drawing called “another Sushi cats birthday card” – maybe the way she will feel when she finally finishes working on the Kickstarter?


    Page 28

    Maybe the last page for a while.  Melody is considering taking a break … ” I think I am going to take a break from posting pages of ‘Rueday’ for a couple weeks at least…I really need to use my evenings and weekends to get my kickstarter and book ready to go. I’m falling behind on all the stuff that needs to get done for these projects!”


    A new “Rue Day” page. 🙂  What a way to start 2018!

    Melody says, “It’s been 6 months! I finally had time to do another page. I’m still tweaking it. ( maybe I need to move the top word balloons over to the left a bit…I don’t read them in the right order)
    To refresh your memory, Dr. Kade ( in blue) has been dropped into the middle of a Reptanglian religious celebration of “Rueday”, a religion he is not part of. ”

    Page 29


    Page 30 (don’t show this to the kids):


    I just re-read Rue Day from page 1-the last page!!
    Luv,luv this story too !!
    Thank you Melody, for being so industrious,and working on Rue Day!!
    You are amazing !! Working on Kickstarter, GB Lady Sparkle Cats, etc, etc, etc!!
    What a great way to start our New Year !!
    Warmest Hugs !!!


    I have been trying to post “Rueday”  pages here , under the “Reptangle” tab, in the “Rueday” section.  I can’t tell if it is me making mistakes, or glitches, or both , but sometimes the page doesn’t appear in the post , or appears all blurry.

    I give up in frustration after only managing to post a few pages! I’ll work on it again when I stop wanting to punch something.

    Thanks Etruscan , for posting them here!


    What a gorgeous comic–such vibrant colors, and attention to detail.

    I read through the past few pages (thanks for posting, etruscan!) and am excited to go back and start from the beginning (probably would have been wise, right?).

    You’re so creative, Melody!


    Page 31:

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 266 total)
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