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    Well our poor cat Ashley passed away last night! She was about 18-20 years old I think. We had to work the federal election all day and left her in a cozy bed to sleep in my mom’s room. I felt bad leaving her but we had committed to the election a month before. We left food and water by her bed but she hadn’t been eating for 2 days so I was spoon feeding her water before we left. We didn’t know if she would still be around when we got back but she was and I think she was waiting for us to come home. When we got home she was still lying there waiting and I petted her head and she looked at me and was moving her paws like she liked it. I spoon fed her more water and just sat with her. She fell asleep again and I went downstairs and then a short time later my mom was in the room with her and said she was gone. The last two days she couldn’t walk and just layed in her bed so I felt bad as I didn’t know what to do but she wouldn’t give up fighting. When we took her to the vet, they gave her an IV and medicine but said there didn’t know if there was anything else they could do. Last night I was thinking it may have been better to put her to sleep but she she seemed to want to live so badly until the end. I had been giving her medicine in case she was in pain but she even had a hard time swallowing. Anyway at least she is finally at peace now. We now have 5 younger cats to take care of but it’s hard losing an old friend like that. This was one picture I could find:

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    Always hard losing a friend. I understand big time. I just can’t say no when critters move in. 🙂
    I’m sorry to hear your sad news. The others will help. 🙂


    So sorry to hear of your loss- I saw your post last night where she was sick. My family once had a cat make it to 20 also. It isn’t easy after so long.
    It isn’t easy when it’s too short either. I lost my Mick back in May at only 10. At least you have the others, and the new kitten to be- well, a kitten.

    Mick 2005-2015
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    Awww so sorry to hear that 🙁 Poor thing, but at least she had a good long life and knew she was loved at the end. I know I will be a disaster when I lose any of my kitties.


    So sorry to hear this Kim, and it does sound like she waited until you got home. At least it was peaceful, and happened at home with you both. It always so hard loosing a beloved pet 🙁 *hugs*


    Hugs Kim, if it helps at all, it sounds like she passed peacefully and in a way that she approved of, on her own terms. 🙁 RIP sweet kitty. <3

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    Thanks everyone. I added a picture too. She was always a good and friendly cat and liked to cuddle and sleep in my mom’s bed. She will be missed! She had kittens when she was young that went to good homes and she was our last old kitty the last few years til we took in a couple more rescues who had more kittens. Now we have Saucey who is a mid aged grey tabby, Cookie the rescue Siamese, her kitten Spunky the tabby, Mittens the Siamese and now Muffin the Siamese who is just a couple months old.

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    So sorry for your loss, Kim! (and yours, too, pipsxlch)


    Sorry for your loss, Kim. It sounds like she had a good long life.


    I am so sorry about your loss. I know how hard it is, even when it is expected.
    As you say she is in a place now where there is no pain and she will be there waiting to see you again someday.
    Always remember the love and the smiles she caused.

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    I’m sorry for your loss Kim. It is always painful to lose someone you care about. And it was good that you were able to be with her at the end. I’m sure it made things easier for her and at least she’s at peace now.


    So Sorry, Kim.
    I believe you were right – your kitty was waiting to say goodbye.
    My little dog, Sean did the same thing when we came back from a trip. He waited for us to come back before he passed, so we had a chance to say goodbye.
    Thoughts and Prayers to you and your family.

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    My condolences. 🙁
    It’s certainly never easy to lose a loved one, whether it’s a furkid or a person, moreso when the buggers have such short lifespans compared to the average person. Just be sure to cherish the memories, and be happy she held on just for you.

    When I lost my two cats, I ended up making a journal and wrote down all the things I could remember about them. Silly moments, funny stories…the kinds of things you don’t want to forget. Even now I still add to it when I remember tidbits from time to time. It certainly helped ease the pain of their passing and now I have a permanent reminder (as if I could forget) of so many times they brought joy to my bleary days.

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