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    I’m trying to catalog my collection (mostly as an excuse to stare lovingly and take pictures of my little beauties).
    Where I’m running into difficulties is in compiling details on certain pieces. I know many have been retired over the years, but information on such pieces is hard to ascertain, particularly year of creation and year it was retired. has been very helpful but there are still some gaps.
    I’m hoping the vast knowledge of the awesome Windstone fandom can help me out!

    I know the hatching royal family(kinglet, emperor, empress) was added after the original Brown family was retired and is now also permanently retired.
    What year were they created and then retired?

    What year were the following sculpts/colors retired:

    Fledgling in Amethyst
    Scratching in Red Fire
    Curled copper patina (red eyes)

    Thank you in advance for any information you can offer!


    I can help with some:

    The Hatching Royalty (Emperor, Empress, & Kinglet) were first introduced in 1997. They were offered in the Peacock, Emerald, & White colors available at the time, and were retired in these colors in 2000, according to AstralCastle.

    The sculpts themselves have not been retired, though! They have been offered in most of Windstone’s other color lines, as you can see in the Windstone Store:, and also pop up pretty regularly as test paints; 2 Hatching Emperors, 2 Hatching Empresses, and 1 Hatching Kinglet have been auctioned on Ebay in 2021.

    Based on Windstone’s information for the Amethyst Lap Dragon (, the Amethyst color was retired in 2015. (Confirmed on the pages of other Amethyst pieces:, 2

    I was unable to find a confirmed date for the retirement of Red Fire, unfortunately, and AstralCastle stopped updating their Windstone encyclopedia in 2008, the year that Red Fire was introduced. Hopefully someone else here will remember!

    Copper Patina is tricky, because it was originally introduced as a “refurbishing” measure – the color was designed to cover up small casting imperfections, allowing imperfectly-cast sculpts to be painted and sold instead of discarded, so Copper Patina pieces were usually released in small batches (whenever enough flawed castings had accumulated) instead of being released as a ‘full production’ set of sculpts like Windstone’s other colors. (For example, we just had a small batch of Sun Orientals in Copper Patina released this week!)

    There are some big Copper Patina fans on the Forums who might be able to look up when they bought their own CP Curled Dragon, but there’s always a chance that another batch will be produced somewhere down the line, so they’re not really ‘retired’ the way other pieces in a specific color family are.

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    I believe Red Fire was only produced for one year, so that would mean it was retired in 2009.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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