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    Hi everyone,
    I bought my first pyo dragon! I absolutely love all dragons and have always been attracted to the windstone editions beauty. I have my paint all picked, my area ready, my idea in my head and now I am terrified! I want my pyo to feel beautiful and the idea in my head looks amazing but can I do it? I might have to wait and give myself time. I have painted before and love what I do but… Do you guys ever get this way with your creations? I don’t know if I can start.


    The very first PYO I got was the first non-flat surface I ever painted. I had no clue what to do!
    So start with your base coat, then whatever detail you do, try on the non-display side first. Things may go well from there, or the sculpt may take you in a different direction!
    Have fun with it 😀

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    I never like my own work so much lol. Other people usually do like it. I’m much more critical of my own work.

    I’m sure your dragon will be lovely! And you can always paint another.

    Brenda Lower

    I’ve done several, and still get this way! I did a base coat on a dragon recently and then he’s sat forever waiting for the rest of him to get done… I finally did some more, but brain just wasn’t connecting for a while.


    So I have officially started and on my 4th layer (brush painting with acrylic) and so far I am loving her! My paint scheme is not really going to match her eyes but she will be with me forever no matter what! But I love watching my “own” creation vome to life! This is a lot less scary than I thought hehehe. You guys help too! Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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