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    Hello gang.

    Its been awhile since I have seen one of these for sale (rainbow fledgling dragon). I was wondering if anyone knows what these go for now? I was not able to find any data for pricing. I am not looking to buy, I am considering selling the one I have. But will have to be for an extremely good price, since I love my few rainbow dragons lol. I also have a rainbow emp…but he would REALLY have to have a good price. If anyone knows, could you pass along the info?

    Much appreciated =)


    I have seen a few sell in the last few months on ebay. I paid $150 for a mint rainbow fledgling and saw a couple others sell for around that or a bit less on there recently.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    Ebay shows one Rainbow fledgie in the “Sold” listings. That sold for $155 (plus shipping) about a month ago.


    thanks for the info, will probably hang onto it for now at that price lol.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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