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    Your parents look so wonderfully kind! I send all of my positive and uplifting wishes to your mother and family for everything to be alright!


    Thank you so much everyone!! <3 I just got back from visiting her today and she was feeling quite a bit better. She was able to get some nutrients in today which was a relief! (Although it might be a couple of days until they give her food-food.) She's feeling fairly positive. I made her a card with a cougar on it (because those are her favourite animals) and delivered it this morning before work which did a bunch for her morale. Also, I told her that you guys are all pulling for her and she said thank you! She really, REALLY appreciates it. 😀 She needs all the positive goodness that she can get and she was so happy to hear that so many people are pulling for her recovery. 🙂

    I hope she has an optimal recovery! And you’re a sweet daughter to be rallying support for her. 🙂 Did she make her hat/shawl? It looks hand knitted and I really like the colors!

    Yes, she did! She’s fabulously creative, she has sewn all of our quilts and the vast majority of my pajamas were made by her, hehe. 😀 Once she’s better she’s going to help me make a colourful new quilt for my bed. (The one she made me as a child has gotten a little rough around the edges and has been lovingly retired to my hope chest. <3 That blanket is one of my most prized possessions!)

    Sending healing thoughts her way! Feel better! Is there somewhere we could send a card?

    Sure, I can give you our address via a PM. 🙂

    Also because of the complications it looks like she’s going to be in the hospital for longer than originally expected. That sucks, but at least if she’s there she’s in good hands! I can’t wait until she feels good enough to complain about being there. That’ll be a great day. 😀

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    I will pray for you and hope she gets better soon!

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    Jingles for your mom and you too! <3 I am sure she will pull through this hard time with flying colors <3 <3 <3

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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