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    Yep… I like the clouded leopard in Kim’s 1st pic and the tabby tiger in the 2nd <3

    I like everything else but those, any similar Leopards, and the straight Zebra, and Ziger… or any regular Tigers. ^_^

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    Is there a natural batch and a safari batch, or they’re both combined? I really love the two natural ones the most and hope there are more like them 😀



    Good question Sikek! At the time she posted the video she said that was all she had so far and it would probably just be a safari batch. She said she would paint some giraffes or more patterns based on what was squeaked for the most.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!



    Wow!!! Love the Ponycorns. Hard to pick a favorite as I like most of the safari’s but am partial to snow leopards & giraffes. Do we have any estimates on when these will hit the stores? I’d better get busy saving up some $$



    I want to thank the wonderful people that has offered to help me get a ponycorn but it looks like any spending on myself has to wait until after Christmas.Maybe,doubtful,but maybe they will not be done by then.I got informed last night that Grandpa Byrd is in the hospital,again from just a couple of weeks back,with heart issue,needs surgery and he is 93 with a bad cold.Not good.Family has been called in.Then Amber tells me she has two weeks off in Dec.so that took a major chunk from spending money and right now I have to think of others.Still have gifts to get and send.I wanted to thank y’all from my whole heart and maybe after all the trading is done we can work something out on one.🤗💞

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Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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