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    Mandarin Dragonette is done! All sealed and back in his box, ready to go to a new home. I will take offers on him. Don’t know if I can eBay him, with my terrible timing on choosing/finishing this theme so close to when Gina did one.

    I Love Him, PIP!

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    Congratulations,both of y’all😁

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    I love Tenderfoot so much Pip! You did an awesome job! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone wanting a PYO <3
    Thanks again. Much love.


    Thanks so much everyone! Glad y’all like them.


    The dear lady I care for passed away last night, so I am without a job and need to raise money for rent- and now have plenty of time. I have an unpainted Keeper, light blue eyes and jewel. Would anyone like to commission a paintjob on it? Your choice of design. I use Golden paints.
    If not, I’ll be painting it up and hopefully selling it.


    Any interest? If not, I will be starting to paint it for eBay or whatever in a few days.


    Okay, here is Jack Frost. He will be headed to eBay tonight, if anyone would like to make an offer here before I do I will take any up to 8PM EDT. He was a contrary bugger, fought me every step of the way and he won- this is not the paintjob I planned! Maybe it was just I’m really not in a creative mood at the moment. It even went as far as the paint pen malfunctioning at the last minute as I was chroming the horns and glooping out, lol.



    Some pyos are just terribly stubborn like that, but ya still can’t help but come back to them time and time again!

    The chrome parts look great and really stand out against the pale body.


    I think the horns look great, not gloopy looking at all! I too find that the pyos like to fight me on how their paint job turns out lol, they have a mind of their own I think!

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Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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