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      Jennifer wrote:

      Those photos are great! I have serious chicken envy.

      isn’t that a seriously awesome hen? I wanted to sneak her into my car.


        That little hen is adorable, eyes or no eyes. That snake was darling to. Great photos!


          Nice photos KoishiiKitty. I like the comments you added to the Peacocks. I did not know that there were white Peacocks.


            I thought I would raise this thread from the dead. I have LOTS of photos, and am not going to be able to fit them all in here, but the link to my photo stash is right here for those that want more:

            We have whale watching and Monterey Bay aquarium photos! As well as some FB photos..don’t think I shared those yet? Also, all photos are clickable if you want a larger size.(it takes a few clickings to get to the larger size)

            BLUE WHALE! *imense spassing right here* I could not believe was one of those brain poping omgomgomg moments and I swear I could have floated into the air with the punch of giddy euphoria that hit me.
            Blue Whale Alpha11 7-8-2011

            FLUKES! Another omg moment. Not the best shot but BW flukes are soooo hard to get!
            Blue Whale Flukes 7-8-2011

            I decided to call him Alpha since he is the first Blue I have met. Alpha stayed around us, surfacing often. This was a nice shot of his markings.
            Blue Whale Alpha7 7-8-2011

            And then there was a second Blue!!! Rusty here was covered in rust colored splotches.
            Blue Whale Rusty2 7-8-2011

            Nice shot of his rusty pattern.
            Blue Whale Rusty3 7-8-2011

            And possibly a third! I can not match his markings to Alpha’s at all, and I have plenty photos of Alpha. There was also a 5’th that I did not get a photo of..I was so stunned I forgot to use my camera, he was a very dark one and I am inclined to think it had been a Fin whale. This of course though, is a Blue.
            Blue Whale Unkown 7-8-2011

            I have no idea what one this one is. It could be a Humpback, but it is rather he is Mystery whale.
            Large Mystery Whale 7-8-2011

            Before we spotted Alpha, we were greeted with Humbacks, lots of them. Three different groups close by, made up of 3-5 individuals. Here is one of the feeding groups, in this photo you can see 4 different individuals.
            Group Feeding Humpbacks 7-8-2011

            Humpback Flukes.
            Humpback Flukes5 7-8-2011

            Tail water falls are yes.
            Water Fall Flukes 7-8-2011

            Whistles is a special humpback. You knew when he surfaced no matter where you were on the boat because he made a vocalizing whistle as he exhaled. He also was one of the few that would poke his chin out of the water some, as you can see here,when he would surface.
            Whistles 7-8-2011

            Two very large Humpbacks in synch as they dove. Double fluking awesomeness.
            Double Flukes 7-8-2011

            I love getting size comparisons.
            Flukes and a Boat 7-8-2011

            Diving Pair 7-8-2011

            Foam Flukes 7-8-2011

            And on the way in, we got some cute Sealion nuzzles.
            Sealion Nuzzle 7-8-2011


              Those photos are SPECTAULAR!! I love watching sea life (and those sealions made me squee!) :bigsmile:


                Here we have some photos from Garberville and Fort bragg.

                Super Moon photo, before we get to the other photos.

                Star Winery has a lovely wild garden, this is just outside of FB.
                Star Winery Daisy 3-26-11

                Birds in flight is something I try to get, this buzzard gave me a very kind practice opportunity.
                Star Winery Vulture 3-26-11

                The star winery has a cute set of sheep! Not sure on the breed, but they are very shy.
                Star Winery Sheep3 3-26-11

                Very shy.
                Star Winery Sheep2 3-26-11

                the White Crowned sparrows were nice enough to get fairly close and allow me a photo.
                Star Winery White Crowned Sparrow 3-26-11

                Ravens are my favorite bird, hands down. But they love to tease me and often leave me with photos that do not turn out. This trip though, all the ravens seemed to be nicer then usual..or perhaps just more tolerant.
                Star Winery Raven3 3-26-11

                Star Winery Raven2 3-26-11

                A lovely Redwood Violet was in bloom.
                Redwoods Redwood Violett 3-26-11

                If I could visit here more often, I would.
                Redwoods Winter2 3-26-11

                The color on these forget me nots have been tweeked just a little.
                Redwoods Forgetmenots2 3-26-11

                The Trilliums were just brilliant.
                Redwoods Wstern Trillium2 3-26-11

                Such a tease, if only it had been just a little more in focus.
                Garberville Raven4 3-26-11

                I am not a flower photographer, but once in a while things are just so right, I can;t pass the photo up when out walking.
                Garberville Daffodill 3-26-11

                Lovely little dove allowed a photo.
                Garberville Ring Neck Dove2 3-26-11

                a Scrub Jay. I am pretty fond of them too.
                Garberville Scrubjay2 3-26-11

                Garberville Scrubjay 3-26-11

                Oh this fella just made my day! Yes he did! I got not one, but three very good shots of this fella.
                Garberville Raven 3-26-11


                  Yay! I am glad they are enjoyable! I love sea life too. This shot was hard to get as I was on the wrong side of the boat, trying to shoot past people in front of me, and the boat was rocking nicely! Ah, but it was so worth it and came out great.


                    Koshi, amazing photos! I’m jealous of the raven ones! As you can tell ravens and crows are my favorite birds also. Really great stuff! :bigsmile:


                      Koishiikitty, are you still doing photography?


                        I know this is way old. I’m slowly getting back to being around. Yes I do. Biorave_photo on Instagram. Now I do underwater photography too.


                          I know this is way old. I’m slowly getting back to being around. Yes I do. Biorave_photo on Instagram. Now I do underwater photography too.

                          Wow – very nice to see you here again!


                            I love crows and ravens. Ravens are the only bird that plays. They have no natural enemies. So they play. The pics of them are beautiful .

                            I love Halloween 🎃 and other spooky things. Bats, cats, ghosts , and monsters. I love 💕 to write stories and draw. Looking for a flion. I want one so badly. I love them.


                              Ravens are my top favorite bird. Atm I have some crows at work that I feed. They are super friendly.


                                Well it’s great to hear from you!

                                Read my books! Volume 1 and 2 of A Dragon Medley are available now.
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