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      Hi! I added another item to the list of Password Protected products that are currently hidden from view: The Mother Dragon in Shell Pink. This and the other password protected restocks are going to take quite a long time to process! The lists are long and I’m trying to give people a few days too respond to the email that I send out. If you receive an email and do not want the item, its helps to speed things up for the other people on the list if you reply to the message and let me know. Please note that the email does have a date by which I will stop holding the item for you – I’m trying to put that in bold writing so that people will see it better. Currently Hidden during password protected restocks we have the following:

      Mother Dragon Shell Pink
      Spectral in Silver (both Silvery and Intense Black)
      Female Hearth Dragon in Citrus and in Calypso
      Male and Mother Griffins in Silver Wolf
      Secret Keeper dragons in Elven and in Peacock

      If you are waiting for any of these and want to verify that you are on the list – you may email me at

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