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    I have updated the eye color selections for our Paint Your Own products! Most of them have a few more eye colors available than they used to. If you have a PYO item already, and now see an eye color you would prefer to the color that you already have, I can swap them with you. Just email me (please don’t p.m.) at and let me know what color eyes you need and which item they are for, provide your mailing address, and then plan to mail me back eyes that you do not use.

    Our picture list of eye color choices is not up to date – we apologize, that is on the “To Do List.” If you are uncertain about one of the new colors, its o.k. to ask for a second set of eyes in the customer notes and then return to us the unused pair. If you are mailing eyes, be sure to put some padding around them or tape them between pieces of stiff paper – on their own in an envelope they will be squeezed right out by the Post Office equipment (F.Y.I.: That can happen to gift cards too!).

    To press the “join waitlist” button on a PYO item, you must select an eye (and/or jewel) color first, before it will show you that the item is out of stock – at that time you may press the join waitlist button (I am pretty sure that none of the eye color choices are out of stock, however a couple of the figurines are)

    If you find anything wonky on one of the PYO product pages, please let me know! I may have messed something up while updating the eye color choices.


    Awesome! Thank you!

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    That’s great news!

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    Just a quick wondering… is there a timeline on getting an updated eye color chart out? (no pressure!)

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