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    Hello all. Amazes me that I work with computers all day every day and never thought of looking for a forum for Windstone.

    I am 38 and live in TN now. I started collecting Windstone Dragons and Wizzards in Peacock when I was 18 and living in OR,(first piece was the mother dragon in peacock). I bought her at the Blue Herron in Depot Bay, OR. Since then I have been a casual collector and have picked up a piece here and there as I found them, always in Peacock, I guess I fell in love with that color out of all the originals. At last count I believe I have all of the Peacock Dragons and Wizzards except for 6 or 7 and I just talked my wife into getting me a few more of those for our anniversary next month so maybe a few less short of the full collection now 😀 . My favorite piece to date is a toss up between the Wind Wizzard and the Emperor Dragon, although I am counting the days until I can lay my hands on the Keeper of Secrets in Peacock!! He will be the crown of my collection.

    Generally I obsess over dragons anyway, I have other dragons, dragon books, and dragon related materials that I have collected over the years as well. I also had to break down and buy a couple of the Black Dragon set and I have the circle of dragons candle lamp than adorns my mantlepiece along with my wife’s Spirit Wolf candle lamp.

    The future of my Dragon hoard is to be on display in my new office that I am building next summer. I have designed special shelves and nooks into the walls with accent lighting, etc. so that they will have a nice place to live out their days with me. After I am gone I hope to leave the entire collection to my children who I hope will chose to keep it in the family for many generations to come.

    To the artist. I absoulutely LOVE your work. A million thank you’s are not enough to express my gratitude for bringing a childhood fantasy to life in your sculpture than has followed me into my adult years and I am sure will be with me the rest of my life. Your vision and skill in crafting these priceless works does not go un-noticed or without extreme gratitude.

    Your very loyal fan!



    Welcome Brad! When you get a chance please feel free to post pictures of your collection either here or in one of the “Show your Collection” threads under “General Windstone”.



    Welcome, Brad! Glad you found us and decided to join. 😀


    Welcome to the forums!! Glad you decided to join us. 😀



    Can’t wait to see the collection!


    welcome welcome


    Hi!! Welcome to the forum!!! 😀


    Welcome and thank you for introuducing yourself.


    hihi! since you are new, you probly have not heard of PYO’s yet. harharharhar. go into the paint your own section and look around. you will really have fun with that. welcome to the forum!



    While hiding somewhere in my head I'm on the lookout for white oriental dragons! Please let me know if you know of any available. Thank you!


    Welcome to the Forum!!


    Welcome! 😀


    Your warm welcome is very much appreciated. I will work on getting pictures of my little family and posting them to this thread over the weekend. Just need to take some new ones and put the copywright stuff on it so I don’t get in dutch my first week here… 😀

    Thanks again!


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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