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    The high flow Golden acrylics should work well! I have used those, myself. They will soak into the gypsum a bit, so might take some getting used to, but will adhere quite well.

    I’m sorry that one of the eyes does not fit into the socket on your PYO! If you are unhappy with that, please contact Susie over at Windstone so that they can fix this issue for you!

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    Oh gosh, sorry about the eye!
    When we first started selling Paint-your-owns, we glued the eyes in before we shipped them to be sure they fit. The glass eyes vary in size, so there is always a chance that one won’t fit.
    If you would like, we could send you a smaller one.


    Thanks. Yes I’ll take a smaller eye. It was really odd. Both looked like 8mm size (which seems the best fit with the crystals), but one I’d have to force in and the other just kind of fit, though slightly loose. The slightly loose I suppose is how it should fit. When I had them both in, the symmetry was just not there. One eye protruded more than the other. I’ll see about getting a picture of the eyes tomorrow when I have some daylight to take better photos.

    If I don’t use the eyes on this dragon I may need them for the next one.


    I took a couple snapshots. The eye on the creature’s left side is the one that doesn’t fit.
    left eye too big
    One eye too big


    I know it’s belated, but wow! Gorgeous stuff and welcome to the forum! 😀

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Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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