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    I am disappointed that there wasn’t a limit on the GB young unicorns. It’s a bit frustrating to see people posting their grab bags in the show-off thread, some posting 3, 4, or even 5 unicorns per person, when some of us weren’t able to snag a single one. I don’t begrudge the people who bought multiple, since they were well within their rights to do so, but I question the reasoning behind not putting a per person limit on the unicorns, at least for the first day or two. There were only 27 unicorns in the safari batch, an extremely limited number. A limit would have ensured that more than just a handful of people got them. I’m bummed.


    I’m also really bummed too but am so happy to see all the people happy who got one and were willing to show off their treasure so that I could see! I’m new to the community and it would’ve been EPIC to have been able to participate in the fun. There will always be next time…hopefully sooner rather than later😉


    Sorry you weren’t able to get one Bullsquid. I almost thought I wouldn’t get any either as I tried for almost two hours to get them when the carts were frozen and wouldn’t let anyone check out. When it was fixed I was finally able to get a safari and fantasy each for my mom and I plus I got one extra fantasy to try and get a favourite or trade for something for my birthday. So even though it looks like I posted a lot, they were for two people. We may sell a couple though if you are hoping to buy one. I agree a limit of one per style might have been good at first but even then each person could have still bought one safari and one fantasy each so I only ended up getting one more than that myself.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!


    I was extremely disappointed there were so few Safari. A limit would have been more fairer as so many of us wanted a safari but could t get one. I asked them to make more, but no response to that request.


    I believe most of the time Ms.Melody does make a few more after the sale to accommodate those of us that missed them.Maybe she will again.🙂

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    (Wanted:safari young & baby unicorns.)


    I believe most of the time Ms.Melody does make a few more after the sale to accommodate those of us that missed them.Maybe she will again.

    I think they are usually all made together. Some of them are held back from the initial batch in case any get broken or lost in shipping. If the initial ones all arrive, then the held back ones are either added to the batch or sold one-by-one on ebay.

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    No way I could have afforded even one of these and I don’t collect unis anyhow, so I’ve just sat back and watched the frenzy.(Huge thanks to everyone who posts photos of theirs, I always love seeing them no matter what they are!)
    I was quite surprised to see that there weren’t limits, I do think they’re the best way to give as many people as possible a chance.
    Some people can afford major multiples, nothing wrong with that but I could see major animosity towards them if they post their gbs. I seem to remember something of the sort back in the eBay days. And with the time zones, we have in the past had members in Europe, Windstone’s usual posting time would be at an insane hour in the night to them. And for the Aussie/Japanese people, it would be way early in the day. Then for those of us North Americans who don’t have internet access at work, or are driving then, or are shift workers who sleep then… limits work. They level the field.
    However, so very often people post grumbling about the limit right after a release. They want multiples, and they want them now. I get the impression Susie is bombarded with ‘when are they lifting the limit’ queries. So Windstone kind of can’t win.
    I wonder if there isn’t a reason for the no limit this time, such as an issue with the website or store platform.


    I was going to say both ways make people upset. Some not getting any with no limit and then with a limit people taking advantage of the system. I get a blind trade, gift, etc on top of the 1 you buy, but when you have 6 or 7 or more when there’s a limit…

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