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    My boyfriend’s sister’s birthday was yesterday and she loooooooves Zelda and oriental themed things, so I decided to make her a Zelda inspired Foop!

    My camera hates purple in every shade, I could not get good pictures to save my life, so we have these crappy ones for now. He’s a lavender with white dry brushed to make his fur stand out. His back scale? thing is a dark purple with bright metallic blue spots. Gold horns for her crown, white paw pads, purple toe nails and white leg scales.

    I hope she likes it. I’ll find out tonight when we all go out to dinner. I’ll see if she can get me better pictures 🙂

     photo 044.jpg
     photo 043.jpg

     photo 038.jpg
     photo 036.jpg


    I love it and I like Zelda also.


    OMG! Awesome Leigha!!! ^_^ YAY Zelda <3

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Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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