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      I need to place a special, hopefully easy, order that the standard store order page cannot help me with. Whom can I contact to place an order?

      Backstory: A friend of mine lost 3 chickens due to a weasel or other intruder. The lone survivor is a white hen. I want to order 3 PYO hens for her, I need eye colors black, light orange x2. (if black is not available, then dark brown.)

      I also ordered a PYO Ki-Rin for her in the past, but she lost the eyes and I need to order a pair of yellow eyes.

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        The hen PYO has a light orange eye option that may work for your needs. There’s an eye color chart in the description to compare what (most) of the in-stock eyes look like. If you’re not sure which color perfectly meets your needs you can leave a note when you place an order asking for an extra set of a different color, then mail back the pair you don’t need. It is up to Windstone whether they send you the pair, but I’ve done it a few times with no problem.
        Alternatively, you can check this thread for glass eye sellers: https://windstoneeditions.com/forums/topic/pyos-gem-eye-info-sizes-sources-etc/

        I like Tohickon but they do have an order minimum.

        Hens use 4mm eyes.

        For the last part, you may be able to get a replacement pair if you send Windstone a message via their contact page. Again, it’s up to Windstone to grant the request, but they’ve done it before. Or you can look through the different eye suppliers in the above link to see if they have any nice replacement eyes. The kirins take 8mm eyes.

        Hope that helps!


          Hello Stasher-Dragon – You would place your order through our website (we are not really set up for phoned in orders) and when you place an order for the 3 PYO Hens, there is a space for customer notes – put your request for the extra Ki-rin eyes in there and a note about the eye colors you want for the hens there too. You can also always email service@windstoneeditions.com with questions or your request for the extra Ki-rin eyes. Susie, Customer Service (I get the service@windstoneeditions.com emails)


            Also as an FYI – the Ki-Rin’s eyes are 8mm size.

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              Thank you all for your help!

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