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    Here he is, the Blueberry Prince, before I added the sealant coat:

    He’s my second PYO ever, and I love how he turned out! The first was a simple kirin I painted for practice a few days before I started the Prince. I’ll post some pictures of him soon, though this guy is my favorite of the two.

    I’d love to hear what you all think of him, and critiques are very welcome! Also, I’m curious if anyone has trouble photographing blue PYOs? I tried to take photos of him outside but the photos always came out way too bright of a blue, (though my brown kirin had no trouble) so it took a few tries to find a way of lighting the dragon so that the photos showed the right colors.


      congrats he’s adorable, I have actually recently done my first and I think that I went through every picture that has been posted for the last few months, and every time, it strikes me how every single person has his/her ideas of how to get the perfect finish of their piece, yours is very nice, I like how the reds in it turn out ( like in the wings), it looks so innocent


        He’s a cuty.

        And yes, taking pictures is a neverending difficulty. We found having a white background helps, but Koishi is very successful with dark backgrounds.

        I can’t wait to see the kirin.

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        Thank you both! πŸ˜€

        BRoS, I agree, it’s fun to see how unique everyone makes their PYOs. I liked both of yours, by the way.

        Dragonmedley, it’s good to know I’m not alone in having problems with photographing these guys. I did try a white background, but that just brightened the blue. I guess like everything else it’ll take some experimentation and practice to get right.

        I’ll have the kirin photos up in a minute, I just need to go upload them


          He does indeed look like a blueberry with splashes of cream πŸ˜€ I like him a lot. Is that a ready-made blue, or did you mix it yourself? It’s a really nice color, looks like there’s some purple in there too.


          Very pretty colors. I’m still working on my first PYO. I’m taking it slow since I haven’t done any painting in ages and I don’t want to get discouraged with him. I’d love to see your Kirin. I want to get one of those next.

          Taking photos can be a trial. Depending on your lighting, it also can affect your colors. I like to take my pictures in the kitchen because the overhead fluorescent light shows truer colors than the incandescent lamps in the living room. I don’t have any place outside to take pictures in natural light yet.


          Megani-chan wrote:

          He does indeed look like a blueberry with splashes of cream πŸ˜€ I like him a lot. Is that a ready-made blue, or did you mix it yourself? It’s a really nice color, looks like there’s some purple in there too.

          Thanks! He’s a combination of mixed and ready-made blues and purples from Windsor & Newton. The first blue layer was a mixed light blue, then ultramarine blue and windsor violet to darken the shadows on him plus some interference purples and blues as the last layer.

          Tintaglia, the Kirin was really fun to paint, I want to do another of them with a more complicated color scheme some time. The outdoor light worked really well for the Kirin, and I think I found the problem for the blues. I looked up my camera and apparently it’s pretty common for cameras, including mine, to enhance the blue so skies look brighter.

          I finally got the pictures of the Kirin uploaded, so here he is! He reminds me of a Peanut Butter Cup… πŸ˜€


            I love that kirin!


              That Kirin is adorable! πŸ˜€


                I love that dragon. i could just see him laying in a blueberry bush. he has such nicely blended colors. red and blue are the harder ones to blend also..especialy since they male this really dark purple that looks black at times.


                I love that dragon as well. I wouldn’t think that those colors would work well together, but you did put them together nicely.


                  Nice dragon. πŸ™‚ Your kirin is cool too, I like them both.


                  Thank you everyone! πŸ˜€

                  Koishi, I did run into that problem with blending the red and blue, it always came out as a much darker purple than what I wanted. I ended up putting a violet in between and blending the blue and red into the purple.

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