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    Hi. I know I have asked questions in the past about dragon colours but thought I would ask again for any updates. I read on another thread you were trying out autumn leaf colours on the dragons so I was just wondering how that was going and if you found a good autumn leaf colour for production or limited production pieces? I would love to see autumn leaf dragons in fledglings, babies, young dragons, etc.

    Next question, I am just missing a copper patina baby dragon to go with my other dragons so could some of those be painted soon? Also I know some people were asking in another thread about the old green colour if that could be painted on baby dragons or more dragon sculpts?

    Next question, you mentioned before that you might have enough aquamarine paint left to do a small batch of young dragons so I was wondering if that would be possible or if you could find a close match in colour to paint the rest of the dragon sculpts in aquamarine? I need an aquamarine young to go with my other dragons.

    Last question, could you paint some limited production pink dragons in all the other dragons to match the pearly pink lap dragon and curlie? I know it’s been suggested for years to do more pink dragons and I have been waiting patiently! I would love a pink fledgling, young, baby and hatching dragon! Or what would it take to convince you to paint them, like a poll or something? Even if you painted a small batch of each dragon in pink I know there are enough of us who would love to have pink dragons!

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!

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