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    I was looking for silver leaf or something similar for a PYO I’m doing, and found this product at Hobby Lobby. It was in fine and medium point markers, from what I could see. (wish there was some in a jar to paint with a brush!) It really does come out with a chrome like finish! I took a couple pics to show the shine. If you want silver detailing on a piece of yours, this stuff is sharp!





    Wow! Very cool. I’ll keep an eye out for that next time I go craft-shopping, for sure; it looks even brighter than my Liquid Leaf.

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    Hey I did one like that and named him Chrome for bodinetoo.He was/is very cool but just so you know,when you spray it,it dulled it.I did the same thing to a gold one but I loved the look it got.Chrome got his head knocked off when my deaf kitty went where he didn’t belong,the highest point in the house.Get this,I moved all my keepers so he would not be able to break anymore and now he doesn’t even try to get up there.
    I look forward to seeing yours finished.


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    I saw this stuff and was wondering just how well it actually worked. There is a mirror paint now too I was anxious to get my hands on. Very cool!

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    Thank you for sharing the name of this product!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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