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      After buying an absolutely ridiculous number of marbles and fit-testing each one I’ve ended up with a lot of useable extras. Prices will vary based on how much the marble cost me and if there’s any notable defects that need strategic placement in the Oriental’s mouth.

      General rules and information:
      – All have been fit-tested and fit the mouth of an unpainted PYO Oriental I have. Due to small variations in the marbles YMMV on if they fit the Oriental you have.
      – $1 minimum purchase.
      – US buyers only. It’s too cost-prohibitive to ship internationally. I tend to ship once per week.
      – I will wrap the marbles carefully for a safe journey but I’m not responsible if they get crushed to pieces by USPS’s carelessness.

      These marbles are all $1 each. (White and color stripes, mixed reds, black rainbow)

      Most of these are $0.50 each. I may have only one or two of each marble.
      A. Pearly white, trend smaller.
      B. Green with dark green stripes. The one listed has some small defects and is $0.40.
      C. AB bright orange with color stripes
      D. AB white with brown and blue
      E. AB white with colorful swirls
      F. AB dark orange with color stripes
      G. White with light and dark blue swirl
      H. Green with color stripes
      I. Blue with orange and light blue swirls
      J. Dark green, the one photographed has defects and needs strategic placement. $0.40
      K. AB red
      L. Light blue with white swirls
      M. AB blue with rainbow speckles
      N. Light brown with dark brown swirls
      O. Blue with color stripes
      P. AB black with white swirls

      The marbles in this photo all have manufacturing defects or light pockmarking that will require strategic placement in the Oriental’s mouth to hide. All are $0.40 each.

      Brenda Lower

        Hi Mika! I’m interested in a few of these. Is the best way to message you?


          PMs work the best for me. It keeps everything neat and together.


            Also I realized I’ve switched O and P up, and I can’t edit the OP anymore. Please go off of the letters in the picture and not my oopsie-d list.

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