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    I think this is my first forum post… but I fell in love with Windstone dragons when I was 10. There was a cutlery shop at the local mall, and aside from the pocket knives, their walls was lined with swords, and in the window, there was an egg, a fledgling, a male, and a secret keeper, all in peacock, and I knew I had to have the secret keeper, but I was just a kid, and it was like a hundred fifty bucks, no way could I afford that, on my tiny little allowance… yet every weekend, I’d go to that cutlery shop and drool over it. For six years, they stood in that window, until someone finally bought them, one by one, and when I was 18, only the secret keeper remained, and even though it didn’t happen, it was still my birthday wish. I was married, and we both had our hearts set on it, until the economy tanked, my kids were born, and eventually we moved cross country.

    17 years and a divorce later, and after spending the last decade trying to remember so desperately the name of who made that dragon, I find it again, in a little metaphysics shop back home… and after profusely thanking the shopkeeper, I have found my way here, and for the past 4 years, I’ve lurked, drooling all over again. But this time… when the time is right, I’ll stop drooling, and not let the opportunity pass me by again.

    I can honestly say that those dragons solidified my childhood love of dragons, into my passion for them.


    How wonderful! It’s really sweet to hear stories like yours! Welcome to the forum!


    Welcome. 🙂


    Welcome to the forums. Soon you’ll have a nice collection going!

    Looking for:

    Celestial Rainstorm

    Welcome, welcome, so happy to have you!

    Finding happiness again.



    I’m new too. Similar story to yours as well: Saw my first Windstone dragon as a kid in a store and was like, “Ya, kay, I’ll take ten plz.”

    And the shop keep was like, “Ya, kay, that’ll be eleventy-billion dollars…” and then little me was oh-so-sad.

    Needless to say I was dragonless until just recently and I am well into adulthood now.

    Welcome! What’s your favorite critter/coloration? I love the dragons ofc.. and the poads. omg the poads. <3

    Looking for Adult Poads, Young Poads, Baby Poads, and Tadpoads.


    same for me, it was a store called Wicks and Sticks in my mall….I’d go and drool over the unicorns, pegs and dragons but I would only be able to take home the brochures for many years since I was about oh 13 at the time….yeeeeeaaaarrrs later when I think I was 20ish, I was able to afford a Wizard Cat candlelamp, it was the only thing I could afford on my Blockbuster salary and then they closed down soon after….it wasn’t until I was about to get married when I was 30, I found another store that had them that was shutting down, got a ruby mother dragon and then started looking for Windstones’ website and have been here ever since…

    Sitting Cat is home!!!!!!


    Hi! I saw them to when I was younger. It was in a cutlery store to at the mall. I believe it was called House of Knives. My mom had a co-worker that bought one as well when they worked together in a jewellery store and he brought it over to show us. I grew up loving unicorns and dragons. I was introduced to them with a series called Krystonians. My mom bought me a few.

    One day I hope to have one of the larger dragons. I have a lovely little pebble family for now.

    Welcome to the forum!


    Hi Melissa. I thought I had posted here before but anyway welcome! Have you been able to purchase a Windstone yet? I also saw my first Windstone dragon in a gift store in the mall when I was around 13 and collected beanie babies from there. I was able to purchase a peacock fledgling there after saving up but when the rainbow ones came out I always wanted one but couldn’t afford another one back then. They eventually sold them and went out a business a few years later. It’s now been about 20 years since then but I found Windstone again through ebay a few years ago and then this website and now I have a lovely collection I never dreamed I would own.

    Looking for rainbow or pink & teal grab bags!

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