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    I guess I’ll use this section to announce live streams.

    The Ponycorns should be presentable by tomorrow, so I plan to do a Live stream on Facebook around 2:30 PST on Friday Jan 10.
    It will be on the Windstone Facebook page:
    Hope I don’t have the flu!


    Can you record the FB Livestreams like you could on the other format? I may not be able to join live, and then there are the people who don’t have Facebook accounts who might not be able to join/view it. Unfortunately Facebook only seems to let other registered Facebook users view/use their format, unless that’s changed and I doubt it.

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    For some reason, the computer I was watching this on would freeze up and had a 30-second delay, so I couldn't tell what was happening.

    Posted by Melody Pena on Friday, January 10, 2020


    Thanks for posting the recording Etruscan! ^_^

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    I think the factory needs a 24-7 live feed to Melody’s painting booth 😂

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    2nd that motion Drag0nfeathers!!

    Searching for:
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