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      If anyone has a Winged Cat Sconce, with minor damage I’d love to either trade or purchase it.

      I’m only looking for minor damage because I cant afford a new one right now, but wouldnt mind doing some quick repair, or if the damage is minor enough….just hanging it as is.

      I cant afford to spend too much right now, I’m still paying off a recent emergency dentist visit.

      Also, if anyone is interested in trading, feel free to check my store!


      I would also love to nab a Copper Patina coiled mother, with teal eyes…if anyone has one they’d part with.


        Urrm….cant edit the above post, but I’d also love to find a hippogryph candlelamp as well.

        (turns out I can edit my replies to my original post, interesting….)


        I’ve been fortunate enough to nab a hippogryph Candlelamp…but I’d still really love to nab the others I’m looking for, if anyone happens to have one.

        Thanks so much!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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