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    Melody posted this on her Facebook page yesterday (June 17) – how to pre-order a Grab Bag Koi Qi-lin.

    Melody said, “We are trying something different with this next grab bag. On the front page of our Windstone Editions website, you will see pics of the next batch of Grabbag Qi-lins painted in koi colors.

    Fantasy Sculpture & Dragon Figurines

    If you would like to get one from this batch, click the “join waitlist” button. ( you will need to be logged into the website) Susie will send you an email allowing you to buy one when they are finished! This should prevent our site from crashing and allow everybody to get one without panic! Let’s see if this works!”


    Additional information from the pre-order page – Pre-orders must be placed before Tuesday June 28th. … These will be one per customer, even if you join the waitlist more than once. If the waitlist grows too fast, exceeding the number of Young Qi-Lin castings we have available, we may have to end additions to the waitlist before June 28th. Any additions to our waitlist after the ending date may not have a chance to get one.


    We aren’t going to send this info out in our newsletter because we already have almost the same number of people on the “waitlist” as we have qi-lins!

    Ann Marie

    Any idea when they will be available for purchase for those of us on the “waitlist”?



    Any idea when they will be available for purchase for those of us on the “waitlist”?

    The qi-ins are being finished right now ( eyes & horns ). We will still need to do a class pic, and then box em. So, soon!


    Really love this new idea! I hope it works out well!

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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