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    My mom wants to sell a few things that she’s knitted

    Baby Blankets:

    Baby Blankets

    Baby Beanies and Hooded Jackets:

    Baby Beanies and Hooded Jackets

    Adult Beanies and Scarves:

    Beanies and Scarves

    Fisherman Cardigan

    Fisherman’s Cardigan

    Prices are in the galley descriptions, but if they can’t load it goes as follows:
    Baby Blankets $80
    Baby Hooded-Jacket $35
    Baby Beanie $10
    Scarves $35
    Adult Beanies $20

    All items are new and never worn. These come from a home with a small dog.
    I ship to anywhere in the US and Canada, there will be a shipping charge for Canada.

    The most expensive item is a Fisherman’s Cardigan for $400
    Butst size 40-42
    100% English Aran Wool

    Messages are going to be best for me since I’m on and off a lot. If you have questions please let me know!

    Seeking a Glacier Curlie

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