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    Melody sent out this Kickstarter Update Announcement (Please note the deadline for requests!):

    A chance to claim some leftover Bantam dragons!

    There are lots of leftover Bantam dragons! These are still available to be claimed until August 7th 2020 by all backers of the Bantam Dragon Kickstarter.

    There are still many “originals”. When a backer swapped their original choice, I found it to be nearly impossible to sort through every backer’s messages to find out who else wanted that dragon, so I put the swapped originals into this pile of leftovers.

    I painted a lot of extra clones too. The clones will have letters and numbers.
    If you would like to add these dragons to your hoard, Email me your dragon choice(s) in order of preference, with the words “KS Dragons” in the subject line. Include your Kickstarter backer number. You can start sending requests to me now. I won’t go by the order of the emailed requests, so no need to panic about getting them in quickly, BUT the end date for emailing requests is Friday, Aug 7th at 5:00 PM PST.

    email me :

    Susie will send you a Paypal invoice for the amount. These are $250 each.

    These are all signed by me with KS 2020 written on the bottom felt pad.
    You can request, and buy, all the dragons you want. List them in order of preference, and let me know the total number of them you would like.

    For example: say: “I would like two of these, #86 #45, # 11 or #3 “.

    I will go through the requests the following week and try to get everybody their first choices. If two or more people are requesting the same dragon, I will put your names in a hat and pick one!

    I hope this won’t be crazy.


    Melody added this to her original message: “Oh I was just told there are still 3 MYSTERY rainbow tigers available. They are $240 each.”


    Hi Everyone! I would LOVE to trade my KS Exclusive Sand Bantam (+ cash from me) for one of the Mystery Rainbow Tigers that are left! Please see my Classified Ad!

    I would also entertain trades for any unwanted Tiger Bantams or Rainbow Tigers that you already have….

    *~*~*~* Ela_Hara: The DragonKeeper *~*~*~*
    SEARCHING...for a Red-eyed Razorback Boar! I'd love to Trade, Buy or... Let's Make a Deal!
    SEARCHING...for the Red-Capped KS Adult Poad - please see my Classified Ad!
    *** Come visit me on deviantArt at


    Have my fingers crossed for 170 D. Only one I want 😁


    I can’t find the page with the leftovers. Does anyone know where it is?


    It’s the same link as before:

    Bantam Dragon leftovers!

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