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      Was browsing random stuff on ebay and came across a Windstone. Fell in love with these beautiful sculpts!

      My name is Val. My other interests include Breyer models, bjds, jewelry making/beading, sculpting, various other arts and crafts, sewing, cooking (have a huge cookbook collection), animal husbandry (currently raising chickens and rabbits, future plans for ball pythons), brewing/mead & wine making, rock hounding, antiques, rpgs, and so much more! 😆

      I currently have zero Windstones. Can’t decide which sculpt I want for my first. They are all so lovely. Probably will be a PYO as they seem most affordable.

      Have read the forum rules. Love how things here are set up to deter the toxicity I often see in other collector hobbies.

      Peace and love.

      Newbie, please be kind. ♥️


        Welcome! I am also a newbie to the forum, everyone is very nice and helpful. I don’t know how you find the time to do all your hobbies! I’m impressed. 🙂 I bought my first Windstone (peacock mother dragon) as a teen but never got another until recently, when I started looking for a specific piece a friend of mine had bought at the same time as me (a brown griffin). And then they sucked me in and I can’t escape. LOL My collection is very small compared to some of these collecting wizards! Hope you enjoy the place.

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          Hi Lisa!

          I wouldn’t say I have time for all my hobbies, it’s more that I jump around between them all. Some go on hiatus periodically. LOL

          Of course the animals are a constant thing, other than that it’s whatever I’m feeling at the moment. Did I mention I was recently diagnosed with adult ADHD? Which explains so much about me. 🤔

          Thank you for the kind greeting. I look forward to learning more about these lovely critters. 😊

          Newbie, please be kind. ♥️


            Welcome, Val! Best of luck on your first PYO. They are a ton of fun to paint 🙂


              Hi Megan!

              Thank you for the warm welcome. 😊

              Have you done many PYOs?

              Newbie, please be kind. ♥️


                Welcome! I am a huge fan of painting pyos.Once and GOT CHA!😄I am looking forward to see what you do.

                Every act matters,no matter how small💞
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                  I’m hoping to get back into painting PYOs after sorting stuff in the coming few months. Just retired at the end of 2021 so hopefully I can get back into them! Maybe even finish a few I started back in 2013 – 2016 …. LOL!

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                    Bodine and Ela_Hara, thank you for the kind welcome. Will you be taking part in the Fall PYO Swap? I just signed up, super excited! 😋

                    Newbie, please be kind. ♥️

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