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    Today at work, the Procurment Manager was awaiting an overnight shipment of something important. She received the UPS Tracking number from the shipper and tracked the package online.
    The tracking page showed the box was delivered at 10:22 and signed for by ED.
    Ed is our receiving guy so she figured the box was here.
    She went to ask Ed where the box was and he said he hadn’t received anything from UPS today.
    About 15 minutes later, UPS truck rolls up with box for delivery.
    They asked the driver about it and he said “That’s weird”. They made him sign the original tracking with the current time of deliver.

    So, even though it’s totally ouside my responsibility, I’m fuming at UPS. They forged/signed for our receiving guy presumably so they wouldn’t get dinged on delivering an overnight package late, but it leaves me wondering.

    How many boxes have not been delivered where the driver signed for it in someone’s stead?
    Wouldn’t this have huge liability ramifications for UPS if their drivers were forging signatures so they wouldn’t be dinged for delivery times?



    It’s funny, but I was just discussing something like this with a friend recently. Turns out UPS no longer leaves notices at apartment buildings, so if you’re not home the 3 times they hit the buzzer downstairs, the package gets sent home. My friend’s mom has sent her a surprise package, so she didn’t know to expect it. And even if you know something is getting delivered, how are you supposed to know if it’s late or whatever?

    With the post office, stuff like that doesn’t happen. If you’re not there, it goes back in the truck and back at the post office – no need to forge signatures…

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    I’ve had boxes show up as delivered and signed for in online tracking as much as an hour before they arrive at my house. It irritates me, and really alarmed me the first couple times.

    I really prefer USPS.


    Wow, this just tells me I definitely want to be sure someone is home when the expected delivery is due, and never ever ship UPS to the apt, always ship it to my parents house…


    Along slightly different lines, I bought something on Amazon that was shipped via UPS. I sent it to my brother’s office, an address where he’d received lots of things I sent to him via USPS before. The package never showed up, and in looking through UPS’s scant tracking data available through Amazon, it shows they altered the address due to an ‘incorrect ZIP code’. The package was not signed for by my brother or anyone at his workplace, and I can’t access any of the info I need to put in a claim with UPS because I’m not the actual sender of the package. That, and it’s been way too long since the package shipped to file a claim anyway.

    Bottom line is that I’m always happy to take my business to the USPS!

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    MY girlfriend worked for UPS for 27 years delivering. There’s not enough room on the Forum to tell you the stories I’ve heard. Remember they are a fortune 500 company—–so bottom line is EVERYTHING!!!!! They always have to look good.


    Well, along the same lines. ANYONE can sign for a package if you’re in the house. They don’t check IDs or anything, so a name could be made up. Several years ago, a friend bought me a BG Emperor for my birthday. He always worked during delivery times, so one day I went to his house around expected delivery, let myself in, and just sat around and waited. I signed for it and went on my way. I didn’t live there. I didn’t have the same last name as the packaged was address for or anything. And the driver’s don’t ask. I could have been a burglar for all they knew (and I really could have, since the lock on the front door never worked [for years] and so they just kept the sliding glass door open 24/7).

    And same now with my job, I frequently sign for packages and documents. I live in people’s houses, so I can sign for everything. I always say “I don’t live here, I’m just the pet sitter. I can still sign, correct?” and I always get “Yes of course”. Again, that could be a made up story.

    On the other hand, I understand letting other people sign for stuff. In both the above, the person the package is meant for could not be there to sign for it. And people do have other people pick stuff up for them. But at the same time, and not checking IDs etc, that could be a potential problem.

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